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    About UMHS /
    US Administration

    Executive Office

    Warren Ross, J.D.

    David Robert Graham, MB, ChB, M.D. FRCP, FFSEM

    Jerry W. Thornton, Ph.D.
    Vice President

    Anne Prillaman, J.D., M.B.A.
    Chief Financial Officer

    Admissions and Enrollment Management

    Marie B. McGillycuddy, M.S.
    Vice President of Admissions

    Michelle Peres, B.A.
    Vice President of Enrollment Management

    Nelida Alvarez, A.S.
    Post Acceptance Director

    Carole Walker, M.A.
    Regional Director of Admissions, Midwest

    Earl Mainer, B.A.
    Senior Associate Director of Admissions, Southeast and Puerto Rico

    Melanie Weiner, M.S.
    Associate Director of Admissions, Southeast

    Corie Helms, B.A.
    Associate Director of Admissions, Midwest

    Shyam Dharia, B.S.
    Director of Enrollment Management, Northeast

    Shelly Surowitz
    Applicant Coordinator, Florida Office

    Gillian Hyman
    Admissions Coordinator Florida Office

    Deborah Galdames
    Applicant Coordinator

    Portland, Maine Campus

    Patrice M. Thibodeau, M.D.
    Maine Campus Director, Professor of ICM II

    Donna Thompson, M.D.C.M.
    Associate Clinical Dean

    Molly Johannessen, Ph.D.
    Director of Education and Teaching, Director of the Biological Basis of Clinical Medicine, Associate Professor of Physiology

    Heather Robertson, MHS, PA-C
    Director of ICM II Clinical Skills Lab & Preceptorship Program

    Mathew Michaud, ND, MA
    Associate Director of Support and Learning Development

    Rachel Roberts, B.S.
    Program Manager and IT Support Specialist


    Office Of The Registrar

    Linda Everett, B.S.
    University Registrar

    Brijette Sena, Ed.D, M.B.A.
    Associate Dean of Academic Administration/Director of Institutional Research

    Marlene Hummel, B.S.
    Associate Registrar

    Kayla Martinez, MBA
    Associate Registrar

    Ebony Smith
    Assistant Registrar for Academic Admin

    Isabel Monarca
    Assistant Registrar

    Earnestine Harrison
    Assistant Registrar

    Molly McLaughlin, M.A.
    Assistant Registrar




    Clinical Department

    George Shade, M.D.
    Dean of Clinical Sciences

    David Felten, M.D., Ph.D.
    Associate Dean of Clinical Sciences

    Donna Thompson, M.D.
    Associate Clinical Dean

    Maxine Paul, J.D.
    Director of Clinical Relations

    Phillip Perri, B.S.
    Director of Hospital Procurement

    Brandy Admendares, M.A.
    Associate Director of Clinical Placement

    Tamara Lara, B.A.
    Clinical Placement Advisor

    Kelli Jefferson
    Clinical Placement Advisor

    Veronica McFarland, B.A.
    Clinical Placement Advisor

    Academic Affairs

    Patrick Mccormick, B.S.
    Associate Dean of Academic & Student Affairs

    Jonathan Pimen, B.A.
    Associate Director of Academic and Student Affairs

    Garrett Eisler, M.A.
    Senior Professional Development Advisor

    Office of Financial Aid

    Elissa Schoening
    Director of Financial Aid

    Sandra Paul
    Assistant Director of Financial Aid

    Nandi Guy 
    Financial Aid Advisor 


    Information Technology

    Wayne Williams, B.S.
    Chief Technology Officer

    Mohit Saxena, M.S.
    Senior Systems Analyst

    Marketing Department

    Ryan Ross, MPH
    Director of Marketing

    Scott Harrah, M.A.
    Director of Digital Content

    Clinical Chairs

    Steve Caplan, M.D.
    Chief of Pediatrics

    Charles Herrick, M.D.
    Chief of Psychiatry

    Robert Levine, M.D.
    Chief of Family Medicine

    Elizabeth Morgan, M.D.
    Chief of Surgery

    George Shade, M.D.
    Chief of Obstetrics/ Gynecology

    Khalid Zakaria, M.D.
    Chief of Internal Medicine

    Office of the Bursar

    Magdalena Rosario, B.A.
    University Bursar

    Kelly Rodriguez, A.S.
    Accounts Receivable Specialist

    David Curry, B.A.
    Student Account Specialist

    Purchasing Department

    Vincent Bologna, B.A.
    Director of Purchasing

    Board of Trustees

    The school is governed by an independent and voluntary Board of Trustees, which serves as the highest authoritative body of the school. Its members are selected by the board itself and may represent the founders, supporting governmental agency, or the public who have an interest in the general welfare of the school. Board members are free of conflicting interest with the school and independent of the administration. The Board of Trustees shall be the final authority on all matters regarding academic programs of UMHS. In consultation with the CAO, CEO, executive vice president, deans, and representatives of the faculty, the Board of Trustees shall provide oversight of the institution by (1) establishing broad institutional policies, provide oversight for institutional direction, and ensuring that the institution provides adequate financial resources. Finally, the Board is an overseer of the institutional management in the performance of its duties and responsibilities.

    Board of Members

    James Williams (Chairman)
    John Doelp
    Garett Miles
    Orrin Lipoff
    Thomas Last