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    Photo of Dr. Luisa Veloz

    Luisa Veloz, M.D.

    Assistant Professor of Preclinical Science

    Luisa Veloz was born in the Dominican Republic. In 2000 she obtained a full scholarship from the MESCYT in the Dominican Republic for her outstanding high school performance to go and study medicine, in ELAM (Escuela Latin-American de Medicine) La Havana, Cuba.

    Dr. Veloz graduated with a Bachelor of General & Integral Medicine degree in 2009. After completing her studies in Cuba in 2010 she returned to the Dominican Republic to complete her mandatory community service in her hometown of Barahona. Shortly after, she attended to the population of patients of the Jaime Sanchez Hospital in Barahona. She also worked in the emergency department of the private clinic Santo Thomas of the same city.

    In 2011, when the Haiti earthquake occurred, she went to the Hospital General Melenciano in Jimani, closest to the earthquake catastrophe zone, and worked voluntarily with the doctors to treat the Haiti victims. In February of the same year, she was in charge of the rehabilitation center created by CEEDESUR for the recovery of Haiti patients. In this center she looked after the patients, managing their ambulatory medical treatments, overlooking their psychological sessions, and working along with the Dominican government to provide clothing and food.

    She started working in 2011 as a medical auditor of SENASA, as a supervisor for the 64 Health Center in the state of Barahona, taking care of monitoring the prevention & promotion programs such as Cervical cancer, Pregnancy, Hypertension, Diabetes, and TB.

    Dr. Veloz then decided in 2013 to move to her husband's country of St. Kitts, and started working as an emergency doctor in the Joseph N France Hospital. During her time working in JNF hospital, she encountered how passionate she felt about teaching. She first started teaching in an unofficial capacity and then officially at Windsor University as a senior lecturer and course director of Introduction to clinical medicine 1&3. She decided to pursue her teaching career even further and joined UMHS, where she holds the position of Assistant professor of Physical diagnosis and Introduction to medical skills I. She is also involved in the Diversity and Inclusion committee.

    Dr. Veloz is enlisted in a Micro Master of Science of Improvement, by the University of Michigan. She has also completed a series of courses related to classroom diversity.