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    UMHS operates on a rolling admissions basis, with three entry semesters per year (January, May and September). You may apply to any of these semesters at any time. Click the link below to begin or continue working on your application for admission to UMHS. Once you start your application you can save and return to it at any time. We look forward to working with you during the admissions process.  

    In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, UMHS has transitioned to a fully online program for the Basic Science Program, this remains in place and is being developed further. We are also exploring the options to reopen the campus to allow students to return to on-campus learning in the fall. We are closely monitoring CDC and AAMC guidance and have also been in contact with the St. Kitts government as there are many variables to consider, and we want to make sure that we continue to keep our community safe, while providing a quality education.  Stay in touch with the admissions department for further updates.

    *If you have previously been enrolled at UMHS and are seeking readmission, please email before you attempt to start a new application. 

    If you are applying to any term in 2020, or have already started an application (prior to 3/9/20). Apply for term in 2020

    If you are applying to any term in 2021.
    Apply for term in 2021