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Marie McGillycuddy

Marie B. McGillycuddy

Vice President of Admissions

I am delighted that you have chosen to seek out UMHS. My team and I are here to provide you with all of the necessary information to ensure that you are making the right choice. I am confident that you will find first-class service from our Associate Directors of Admissions, Applicant Services Team and our Post Acceptance Directors. If there is anything that we can answer for you or assist you with please do not hesitate to contact us.

Interesting Fact About Myself:
I am a living donor. I had the honour of donating my kidney to my nephew when he was just 1.5 years old. He is now a healthy and energetic 10 year old boy!

Carole Ross Walker

Carole Ross Walker

Regional Director of Admissions Midwest

As the daughter of Dr. Robert Ross I have a long history of working with him in his previous and current medical school. I was a road warrior and wore many hats, I did Power Point presentations, interviews and helped interested students meet the requirements for matriculation. I also developed close relationships with pre-med advisors and set up several articulation agreements.

Currently I am calling new inquiries throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. I work with students from their initial inquiry and continue to counsel them until they have met their requirements and fill out their application. I am passionate about UMHS. When I talk to the students I try to give them all the information they need to apply and tell them about the advantages of going to UMHS. I tell them the history of the Ross family and our high standards for medical education. I give them the list of prerequisites and also tell them how to study for the MCAT. I tell them I am always available and they can call or text me anytime with more questions. I encourage them to look at the webinars and contact their representative. I have also given them names of alumni students to answer questions.

Before I worked for my Father I owned my own Advertising Specialties and Marketing Company. My clients included Major Corporations, Banks Universities and schools.  That has taught me many lessons in customer service.

My interests are in Art and Art History. I have a Masters in Science and Art. I have sold some of my Art work to the Children’s Museum in Detroit. I have three wonderful daughters and six grandchildren. I am so proud of all of them.

I also try to help others and work for charities, I am currently Vice President of Membership for a charity. I also was the president of ORT for ten years. ORT builds schools for needy students.

I look forward to working with you and helping you realize your dream to become a physician.

Shyam Dharia

Shyam Dharia

Director of Enrollment Management

I am here to assist students in the Northeast and Texas with their admissions questions about UMHS and the application. I work with these students from their initial inquiry through the application process ending with matriculation. Also, I take care of the onboarding of students who have transferred to UMHS’ 5th Semester as well as working on various ad-hoc reports for Executive leadership. As an Associate Director of Enrollment Management, I want to ensure students have all the information possible about UMHS and the resources that we offer for them to succeed in obtaining their medical education 

In my free time I enjoy watching all different sports and try to get to the golf course as often as possible.


Earl Mainer

Earl Mainer

Senior Associate Director of Admissions, Southeast & Puerto Rico

As Senior Associate Director of Admissions, my territory is the Southeastern United States and Puerto Rico. I am here to answer questions and counsel premed students, prospective applicants, as well as applicants about UMHS. My goal is to inform students and parents about all the details regarding our M.D. program from inquiry to matriculation. It is true, the more details you learn about UMHS, the more exciting this option becomes.

I enjoy traveling, biking, neighborhood basketball, watching football, tennis and hiking in the Rocky Mountains! OH, and I LOVE other people’s dogs and cats! I travel too much to have one of my own.

Melanie Weiner

Melanie Weiner

Associate Director of Admissions

I am a former road warrior that now heads the Florida office partnering up with Earl Mainer doing outreach via the Southeast region. I speak with just about every prospective student and applicant that comes in from Puerto Rico, Florida, and the whole Southeast region and will guide you through the entire admissions process. 

Before working at UMHS, I was a photographer in NYC for over 12 years specializing in portrait photography of famous rock musicians. I had the opportunity to tour on assignment with the rock band Metallica and was in their movie Made in Philadelphia. I also received the coveted invitation from Atlantic records to photograph portraits of Jimmy Page and Robert Plant for the Led Zeppelin reunion.

Corie Helms Thayer

Corie Helms Thayer

Associate Director of Admissions - Midwest

Advises students on our M.D. program and interviews applicants from the Midwest Region!

Building relationships and connecting with all types of people is something I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed and it is what makes my position with UMHS so rewarding. I am always here to lend an ear; to help and support in any way that I can.

I love spending time outdoors, reading a good book, and sipping on an amazing cup of coffee! As I am an early riser and split my time relaxing and working out in the mornings.

In my free time I soak up every moment I can with my sweet dog and family!

Hamed Mouseghy UMHS

Dr. Hamed Mouseghy

Associate Director of Admissions - California & Western United States

As Associate Director of Admissions, I oversee student inquiries, applications and interviews for the West Coast, and neighboring states. I am excited to guide a new generation of physicians as they start on their medical school journey. UMHS is a hands-on medical program and I intend to guide every student from the inquiry phase to matriculation. I am an alumnus of UMHS and UC Davis, who has traveled the MD path, with years of experience as an educator and advisor.

I start my morning with espresso, my camping trips are usually offroad and one of my favorite trees is the Grizzly Giant, estimated to be at least 2000 years old, currently living in Yosemite National Park.

Genevieve Gagne

Geneviève Gagné

Associate Director of Admissions - Canada

As the Associate Director of Admissions Canada at UMHS, with effective communication and networking skills, I joined the UMHS team after six years of owning my own business. Prior to that, I worked for three years here at UMHS, six years at the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS), and four years working at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ottawa. I have extensive knowledge of the residency match process for International medical graduates and the Canadian medical education community, including how it pertains to Canadian students who have studied or are looking for a medical program abroad. I speak French and English.
Traveling, gardening, and fish-keeping - my trifecta of joy!

Nelly Alvarez

Nelida Alvarez

Post-Acceptance Director

Shelly Surowitz

Shelly Surowitz

Applicant Coordinator

Deborah Galdames

Deborah Galdames

Applicant Coordinator

I am here to assist students with the application process. I help students in submitting their application along with all the required documents needed. I correspond with students via email and telephone updating them on their application status from the moment the application is received until a decision for acceptance is made.

I work closely with a great team at UMHS ensuring students have all the information they need to apply and move smoothly through the application process.

I love spending time outdoors or at the beach soaking up the sun.  I try to spend as much time as I can with family.

Gillian Hyman

Gillian Hyman

Admissions Coordinator

I love working with students in the Southeast and Puerto Rico, assisting them with their initial inquiries and admissions questions about University of Medicine and Health Sciences.  As an Admissions Coordinator I strive to ensure that the students have all the information about UMHS in order for them to succeed in their medical education.

Arriving in South Florida from London, England, I love the opportunity of spending time outdoors - especially swimming and walking.  I love visiting museums, love to read and to cook, and to spend time connecting with my family.