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    Campus life

    The campus experience

    The UMHS campus offers a vibrant atmosphere and a collegial environment. You’ll find it’s an ideal setting for living, learning, and training to practice medicine.

    umhs club day

    Basic science students at club day, St. Kitts campus

    Attentive faculty

    UMHS faculty and administrators are dedicated to student success and are relentless in their mission to provide students with the tools, resources, and support to thrive.

    Faculty are on campus every day and maintain open office hours. Each student is also assigned a faculty advisor who will assist them throughout each semester and guide them through any academic difficulties they may encounter.

    Campus Access

    Campus facilities—including classrooms, breakout rooms, the library, and the Learning Resource Center—are all open weekdays from 7 AM to 11 PM and have reduced hours on the weekends.

    The student lounge is also open 24 hours a day. It contains refrigerators, microwaves, vending machines, lockers, and comfortable seating.

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    Learn more about life on St. Kitts by speaking with a current UMHS student or alumnus who can share their experiences with you.

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    umhs gym


    The University gym is equipped with a full range of cardio and weight-training gear, including treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, Cybex machines, free weights, and more. A variety of exercise classes are also held throughout the day. The facility is open throughout the day and evening, and is maintained by a staff of professionals who are available to assist students. 

    The University also has an outdoor basketball court and a soccer field.



    Student Orientation

    Students coming to UMHS for the first time are required to attend New Student Orientation. This occurs several days prior to class registration. New Student Orientation gives students an opportunity to meet fellow classmates as well as learn about the campus, the various student services offered, and the diverse island life of St. Kitts.

    New Student orientation is described in greater detail on the accepted students page of the website. 

    White Coat Ceremony

    First-semester students are welcomed into their medical education at the White Coat Ceremony. The ceremony includes a formal cloaking of students in their white coats to signify the start of their journey toward a medical career.

    umhs whitecoat ceremony

    Class of 2013

    White coat ceremony

    Fourth-semester banquet

    As students complete the Basic Science Program and prepare to return to the U.S., they are treated to a special banquet to recognize their achievements. At this time, student accomplishments are recognized and teaching awards are handed out. 

    4th semester banquet umhs

    UMHS fourth semester banquet

    Carambola Beach Club, St. Kitts

    UMHS faculty and administrators are dedicated to student success. They are relentless in their mission to provide students with the tools, resources, and education to thrive.


    All student housing is off-campus and located throughout the island. Students can choose from a wide variety of options, including apartments, houses, hotels, and dorm-like facilities.

    Many housing options are within walking distance of campus. Students who live further away can use the University's shuttle bus service to travel to and from campus.

    The University Housing Department maintains a database of housing accommodations to fit every need and budget and assists students, faculty, and staff members in locating and securing appropriate housing accommodations.

    View south towards Nevis
    St. Kitts


    In addition to using the University’s shuttle bus service to get back and forth from campus, students may also opt to purchase or rent a vehicle or rely on local taxi or bus service to get around while they are in St. Kitts