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Enjoying St. Kitts

Enjoying St. Kitts

St. Kitts is an exotic paradise, distinguished by breathtaking natural beauty. The island boasts crystalline waters, soft sandy beaches, untouched ecosystems, tropical rainforests, and a spectacular dormant volcano. Where a student or visitor on St. Kitts, there is truly something for everyone.

st. kitts sunset

Sunset over the Caribbean sea, looking northwest, St. Kitts

Exploring St. Kitts

Sightseeing might include small towns that highlight colonial architecture, stately plantation homes, as well as quaint local shops. Special annual events feature a colorful Carnival and a Music Festival that is an international event attended by people from around the world.

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st. kitts beach party

Pristine beaches

rainforest hike st. kitts

Lush rainforests

st. kitts

Beautiful culture


Sports & activities

The welcoming climate provides for a wide range of outdoor fun, including many water-based activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and sailing. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the various activities on the island, including golf, basketball, tennis, jogging, soccer, volleyball, flag football, and other outdoor sports. The University actively endorses intercollegiate sporting events between the other universities in St. Kitts. UMHS has a Sports Club which organizes a variety of team-based sports which includes soccer and volleyball.


Hiking, climbing and zip-lining

St. Kitts is also a perfect setting for hiking. The trails are beautiful and range in difficulty from easy to extreme. The rainfall hikes are exceptional, allowing hikers to experience a wide assortment of flora and fauna. Other hikes include trails to a variety of waterfalls, caves, and even a volcanic crater. A few of our faculty are experienced treker and love to organize weekend hikes with our students.

Zip-lining is another popular activity on St. Kitts, especially for those with a penchant for adventure. You will ride a series of zip-lines that traverse hundreds of feet above various canyons and tropical rainforests, experiencing all of the beauty of St. Kitts' exotic scenery. It's a must-do activity for all visitors to the island. See more here -


Brimstone hill

If you are a history buff, Brimstone Hill is definitely worth visiting. Dating back to the 17th century when the French first placed a cannon on the strategically advantageous location, the fort changed hands several times between British and French forces over the years. At 972 feet high, Brimstone Hill is also a great spot to bring your camera and enjoy the sweeping Caribbean views!

st. kitts botanical gardens

Botanical gardens

The Botanical Gardens are absolutely breathtaking and a must see site on St. Kitts. It contains an incredible variety of tropical plants including various palm species and exotic trees from Africa. Don't forget to stop at the batik store while you're there, and enjoy a live demonstration on the batik process. A beautiful and exotic clothing style, batik uses wax to create unique clothing patterns that will be a great addition to your Caribbean wardrobe.