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Greetings from paradise!

As the Dean of Basic Sciences at UMHS, I oversee the academic program at the St. Kitts campus, where we teach the first two years of your medical curriculum: the Basic Science Program.


According to Dr. Roberts, “the UMHS family has a spirit that was unsurpassed anywhere else I have been.”

I am excited to be a part of such a vibrant university community. We have approximately 500 students in St Kitts, which I believe is the optimum size for kicking off your new career in medicine.

Our classes are relatively small, which provides each student with significantly more one-on-one access to the faculty, staff, and administration. Yet, we also offer access to sophisticated learning resources that rival or exceed those found at U.S. schools.

Since joining UMHS, I have been extremely impressed with the quality of the faculty. Unlike many large universities, where funded research is the faculty's primary goal and teaching takes a back seat, our professors are full-time instructors who have adequate time to ensure that your learning goals are met. While we do offer some research electives, there is no question as to where the faculty’s loyalty lies: with students like you.

UMHS’s senior administrators, including the President, are accessible, hands-on, student-centered professionals. Like the faculty, their exclusive priority is supporting and enhancing your efforts to become successful physicians.

You will feel at home here. I have had experiences in other medical schools, including in the U.S., the Caribbean, and around the globe, and I can tell you that the UMHS family has a spirit that was unsurpassed anywhere else I have been. 

Beyond the campus community, you will also notice that the citizens of St. Kitts and those in government are great people who are accepting and supportive of the school and students. I have found this is not always the case at other schools in the Caribbean.

I hope you will join us here at UMHS. I believe you will find that it is a wonderful place to start your medical career.

Donald Roberts, MD, FACS
Dean of Basic Sciences

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