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    With our proven track record, you can be sure we'll do everything in our power to help you graduate, pass your licensing exams, and apply for a residency.
    We're dedicated in helping you become a doctor.
    first-time applicants
    obtained a residency in 2023. Students secured residencies in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico.
    Student retention rate.
    One of the highest in the Caribbean. The vast majority of UMHS students graduate and apply for residencies.

    Facilities comparable to any cutting-edge US medical school.

    Equipped with the latest medical instruction technology, our campus is one of the most modern in the Caribbean.

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    As a private institution run by leaders in medical education, we're free to continually invest in resources and foster a culture that prioritizes students' needs above all else.


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    Our tuition is purposefully affordable so that you can spend more time practicing medicine than paying debt.
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    State-of-the-art campus

    Equipped with the latest technology, we’re one of the most modern campuses in the Caribbean, comparable in every way to leading U.S. medical schools.


    Some of the most commonly asked questions about becoming a doctor at the University of Medicine and Health Sciences.

    What are UMHS' accreditations? 

    The University of Medicine and Health Sciences takes pride in being one of the top-tier Caribbean medical schools with very high accreditation standards. Our students are qualified to sit for US and Canadian medical licensing exams, and gain residency and licensure throughout both countries.

    UMHS has ACCM accreditation, NCFMEA recognition, and multiple U.S. state approvals. 

    Read more about our medical school accreditation

    Where can UMHS graduates match into residency and obtain licensure?

    UMHS graduates can obtain residencies in most states in the US, with the exception of NY (until the school receives full NY approval). They can obtain residencies throughout Canada and in Puerto Rico. After completing a residency, UMHS graduates can become licensed anywhere in the US, Canada or Puerto Rico. 

    View residency match results

    How does UMHS assist students in preparing for the USMLE Step exams?

    UMHS has contracted with Kaplan, a renowned test preparation service, to assist our student's success in studying and passing the USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 board examinations. This prep service is a resource included in the tuition and fees for our students. 

    Read more about Kaplan here.

    What is the MCAT requirement for admission into UMHS?

    All United States citizens and permanent residents are required to submit their MCAT scores as part of their application. There is no minimum MCAT score requirement.

    While the MCAT is not required for non-U.S. citizens, it is still highly recommended for all applicants.

    More information about the MCAT can be found on the AAMC website and in the admissions section of our website.

    What kind of course prerequisites are required for acceptance into UMHS?

    Similar to US and Canadian medical schools, a premed or health-related baccalaureate BS degree is not required for admission into UMHS.

    By the time you apply, you are expected to have completed a minimum of three years of study (90 semester credits) at an accredited college or university. However, it is highly recommended that you earn a bachelor’s degree before matriculating.

    To apply, you must have successfully completed the following undergraduate courses:

    Inorganic or General Chemistry (with Labs) One Year
    Organic Chemistry (with Labs)* One Year
    General Biology or Zoology (with Labs) One Year
    Physics (with Lab) One Semester
    English** One Year
    Calculus or Statistics One Semester

    *You  may substitute one semester of Biochemistry for Organic Chemistry II if this is the prescribed pre-medical chemistry sequence at your college or university. 

    **Canadian applicants may substitute humanities courses in place of English

    Read more about our admissions requirements here.

    What financial aid options are available to UMHS students?

    UMHS has a variety of loan and financing options for US and Canadian students that can cover up to the cost of attendance. These include:

    • Scholarships
    • Sallie Mae private loans
    • UMHS institutional loans
    • Bank lines of credit (Canada)

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