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Marie McGillycuddy UMHS

Marie B. McGillycuddy
Vice President of

Shyam Dharia UMHS

Shyam Dharia
Director of Enrollment Management

Carole Walker UMHS

Carole Walker
Regional Director of Admissions Midwest

Corie Helms Thayer UMHS

Corie Helms Thayer
Associate Director of Admissions - Midwest

Hamed Mouseghy UMHS

Dr. Hamed Mouseghy
Associate Director of Admissions - California & Western United States

Earl Mainer

Earl Mainer
Sr. Associate Director of Admissions, SE & Puerto Rico

Geneviève Gagné

Geneviève Gagné
Associate Director of Admissions - Canada

Melanie Weiner UMHS

Melanie Weiner
Associate Director of Admissions