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Exceptional support.

With the help of our caring and dedicated faculty, you'll master your demanding coursework and learn to expertly care for your future patients.


Multipurpose Lab
St. Kitts Campus


Rigorous curriculum.

Our curriculum is modeled after the best medical schools in the United States and Canada. An outstanding education that prepares student for licensing examinations and residencies.  

Students complete the traditional Basic Science Program on our St. Kitts campus during the first four semesters. Then, they spend six semesters completing our Clinical Science Program, first on our Maine campus, and then through elective and core rotations at our affiliated teaching hospitals throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Our students achieve excellent scores on licensing exams. In fact, we are one of the only offshore medical schools to integrate the Kaplan exam prep materials into our curriculum starting in the first semester. Our intensive curriculum and test prep efforts, coupled with support from our caring, credentialed faculty help ensure student success.

Dedicated Educators

Primarily recruited from U.S. and Canadian medical schools, UMHS faculty support each student in the classroom and through individualized tutoring and counseling.


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Licensing Exam Prep

Unlike other offshore medical schools, we integrate Kaplan’s USMLE prep materials and the National Board of Medical Examiners' shelf exams into our curriculum starting in the first semester.

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Global Health Education

Extracurricular medical mission trips through the UMHS Global Health Institute empower students to broaden their perspectives while caring for patients in medically underserved locations. 

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Medical mission trip


Basic Science Program
(Semesters 1-4)

Taught on our state-of-the-art St. Kitts campus, the Basic Science Program provides a thorough education in the requisite biomedical sciences.

The curriculum incorporates problem-based learning with an emphasis on clinical correlations. Most coursework focuses on a mix of scientific topics such as anatomy, histology, physiology, genetics, and beyond. However, students are also introduced to practice methods such as history taking, physical exam skills, and problem-solving techniques starting in the first semester. 

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Basic Science Curriculum

To gain a better sense of the program, take a look at our complete list of courses.

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Clinical Science Program
(Semesters 5-10)

Designed to encompass a broad spectrum of medical practice, the Clinical Science Program enables students to develop specialized skills and gain practical experience working in hospital settings with real patients.

Students begin the program in the fifth semester on our campus in Portland, Maine. Coursework during that semester is designed to prepare students for the rigors of the clinical program and to help them prepare for the USMLE Step 1, which they must pass in order to proceed to the sixth semester. 

Once students pass the exam, they will spend their last five semesters completing clinical rotations at teaching hospitals throughout the United States and Canada. UMHS is affiliated with 20+ teaching hospitals, where students complete 48 weeks of core rotations. Students can then take the final 30 weeks of elective rotations at any of the numerous teaching hospitals outside our affiliate list.

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Clinical Science Curriculum

Follow the link below to further explore our fifth semester program and learn more about clinical rotations.

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Academic Pathway

UMHS operates on a trimester schedule, with classes beginning in September, January, and May. Each semester lasts approximately 15 weeks. Students can complete the Basic Science and Clinical Science Programs (10 semesters) in roughly four years and UMHS graduates regularly earn top residency placements

Our curriculum is designed to prepare motivated students to
practice medicine and provide compassionate care in
various settings around the world.

See how the UMHS curriculum will prepare you to thrive as a physician.

Affiliated Teaching Hospitals

UMHS has established affiliations with teaching hospitals throughout the U.S. and Canada, where students complete their core rotations.

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