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Dr Neeraj kumar photo

Neeraj Kumar, Ph.D.

Course Director & Professor of Microbiology & Professor of Immunology

Dr. Neeraj Kumar is a medical educator with extensive teaching experience internationally in Medical Microbiology and Immunology. Dr. Kumar earned his Ph.D. degree from NDRI in Haryana, India where he worked on research topic “Characterization of bacteriocin from Lactobacillus acidophilus it’s antibacterial spectrum in inhibiting the pathogenic and spoilage organisms”. He joined UMHS in 2022 as Course Director Professor in Molecular Sciences. He began his teaching career as assistant professor in 2001 in the Microbiology department of Universal College of Medical Dental Sciences in Bhairhawa, Nepal. Dr. Kumar has also worked as assistant professor in Faculty of Medicine, 7th April University Al-Arab Medical University in Libya (2006-2011) and as an associate professor in Lovely Professional University, India. In 2013, Dr. Kumar joined Medical University of the Americas in Nevis as Associate Professor Course Director in the Microbiology Immunology department.

Prior to joining UMHS, Dr. Kumar was professor and course director in Infection Defense Response (Microbiology Immunology) course, chair of Molecular Sciences, chief NBME proctor and faculty advisor to American Medical Student Association (AMSA). He has actively contributed to the development of competency based curriculum in Microbiology Immunology beside serving as members of RLRA review committee, Promotion committee Drug testing committee.

Dr. Kumar has delivered oral and poster presentations in numerous international medical conferences. Dr. Kumar has done many online courses in Microbiology from reputed universities including Stanford University, John Hopkins University, etc. Recently, he earned ‘Certificates of Achievement’ in HMX fundamental and HMX Pro Immunology courses from Harvard Medical School Office of Online Learning.

Dr. Kumar is adept at developing proactive strategies for thorough evaluation, academic and institutional success expertise in student engagement. He enjoys teaching and active learning process with microbiology immunology naïve students.