Faculty and administration

    Photo of Dr. Arun Dhakal

    Arun Dhakal, MD, MS (Clinical Anatomy), FAIMER®

    Associate and Course Director Professor of Histology

    Dr. A. Dhakal is an associate professor in the department of Histology at the University of Medicine and Health Sciences (UMHS) in St. Kitts. His expertise extends to other areas of the basic medical sciences of genetics, gross anatomy, embryology, and neuroscience. 

    Earning his (M.D) degree in General Medicine from Novgorod State University, Russia, Dr. Dhakal began his career working in the department of Emergency Medicine in B.P. Koirala Institution of Health Sciences, Nepal. He continued his education further in the department of Cell Biology and Anatomy in Tribuvan University Teaching Hospital, Nepal where he was awarded the Master of Surgery (M.S.) in Clinical Anatomy. Dr. Dhakal also holds a FAIMER fellowship (fellowship of advancement of international medical education and research). 

    His teaching career spans over ten years with students of medical, dental, nursing, and various other paramedical disciplines. He has teaching experience in USMLE based, Integrated and PBL based curriculum. Prior to the association with UMHS, he has worked in various capacities, serving in medical education department as a faculty member, coordinator of examinations, director of student affairs, editorial board member of the school´s journal and course director of evidence-based medicine. He was also actively involved in various committees of the medical schools he worked in. 

    He has published and reviewed several papers in indexed journals and is also a reviewer to a peer review journal. His research interest is largely in the field of skeletal and cardiovascular anatomy, and medical education. Dr. Dhakal is a member of the American Association for Anatomy (AAA).