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    Dr. John Holley

    Dr. John A. Holley is an assistant professor in the anatomy department at the University of Medicine and Health Sciences (UMHS) in St. Kitts. He has been working in the Caribbean for three years teaching gross anatomy in lectures and the cadaver laboratory. His expertise extends to other areas of the basic anatomy sciences of embryology, histology and neuroscience. He is also a member of the basic clinical education department.

    Dr. Holley has both a PhD and an MD degree. His education includes BS and MS degree from Colorado State University. He obtained a PhD degree in anatomy from Case Western Reserve University. He completed postdoctoral research tenures in Heidelberg University, Germany and the department of neurology at Yale University. He published 12 full length research articles before entering medical school.

    Dr. Holley subsequently obtained an MD degree from the University of Vermont. He completed his residency in family practice in Iowa and then began practice in small towns in Utah, Arizona and Idaho. After practice family and ER medicine, he returned to teaching. He has taught anatomy and physiology in Gaziantep (Turkey), Batumi (Georgia), Northern Kentucky University, and at the Medical University of the Americas (Nevis). His hobbies include playing guitar, bike riding and snorkeling.