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UMHS Partners with Davenport University for MBA in Health Sciences 

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The University of Medicine and Health Sciences (UMHS) is partnering with Davenport University to offer qualified students a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree with an emphasis in health sciences.  This unique MBA program offers qualified students the opportunity to learn the business side of medicine.  Students that enter this program are currently pursing both an M.D. and masters degree.  We believe that in a competitive market place, having earned two advanced degrees enhances your credentials and makes you a more desirable candidate when applying for a residency.  This degree would be completed online while UMHS students are completing their Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree.
Students take one 7-week course at a time, or two courses in a 15-week period.  It will take a minimum of 6 semesters to complete the MBA program.  The program must be completed in no more than a total of 6 years.
Davenport University offers financial aid to qualified students, including Davenport scholarships up to $2,000.00 per academic year (2 semesters).

Master of Business Administration - 39 credits

The Health Care Management Concentration focuses on strategic, financial, and ethical decision-making skills in an evolving health care environment. The program is designed to advance students' practical expertise in managing diverse health care processes necessary for individual and corporate growth and development. These skills are integrated through interdisciplinary approaches of health care organizations, ethical and legal issues, financial management, managing projects, information management, and strategic management using case analyses and interactive technologies.

The Health Care Management Concentration serves health care providers as well as individuals who are involved in the management and reimbursement of health care services. Individuals who desire to enter the health care management field will also benefit from this program.

Students who want to take the Certified Professional Manager (CM) exam from the Institute of Certified Professional Managers (ICPM) should complete MGMT699 as one of their course options in the Health Care Management Concentration.

To learn more about this outstanding opportunity, students may go to Davenport University's website.  Interested students may also contact Cari Weymouth, Admissions Representative, at Davenport University.  Her email address is: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .
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