PAUL NATHANIEL MITCHAM: October 27, 1957 -September 17, 2018. Mitcham worked at UMHS from August 1, 2009 right up to his untimely death.


By Lorraine Brown 

Paul Nathaniel Mitcham (known to his UMHS colleagues as Mitcham) was one of the happiest security guards you will ever come across.  He always had a smile on his face and a joke to tell you, or he would just tease you with saying something to make you smile.  He was so helpful to people visiting the campus and would always try to assist them, determined not to turn them away; he was also well loved and favored by all the staff.

The funeral of Mitcham was held on Saturday, September 29, 2018 at the Eilm Chapel Church where it was attended by a considerable amount of UMHS staff, friends and family, all of whom overfilled the church.

His brother, the Officiating Minister, Bishop Joseph Mitcham, flew in from Dallas and conducted the service, which I am sure was one of the toughest tasks he ever had to perform, but he gave a very uplifting service.

UMHS staff dedicated a song “Sheltered in the Arms of God” to Mitcham and it gave us a sense of peace to be thankful that we had grown to know him.  We will always remember Mitcham as his face was one of the many we would see daily upon entering the campus and he will be missed every day as being part of the UMHS family.

May his soul Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory.


About UMHS:

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