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Alumni Thivisa Rajagopal


Dr. Thivisa Rajagopal

Class of 2016

Residency in Family Medicine

Washington Health System


UMHS 2016 graduates Dr. Thivisa Rajagopal and husband Dr. Thushyanthan Pathmalingam both decided to attend UMHS when they had trouble getting into Canadian medical schools. Dr. Rajagopal immigrated to Canada from her native Sri Lanka at a young age and always wanted to be a doctor. Today that dream has become a reality as she and her husband recently started Family Medicine residencies at the Washington Health System in Pennsylvania.


Dr. Rajaogpal took time from her busy schedule to speak to the UMHS Endeavour to share her experiences about the school and what prospective students can expect at UMHS, from the great professors in Basic Sciences to clinical rotations to interviewing for a residency, and how she and her husband were so thrilled when they both matched at the same hospital. Read how UMHS helped Thivisa and her husband on their journeys to become doctors. Click here for more of their unique story.


“Every aspect of UMHS makes you become an independent, self-learning and brilliant doctor”

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