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UMHS Signs Articulation Agreement with Larkin University

Posted by Megan Leer
October 03, 2023

UMHS today announced that it has signed an articulation agreement with Larkin University, an accredited school in Miami, to create enhanced opportunities for qualified students to earn their Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree from UMHS. Under this agreement, students from Larkin University College of Biomedical Sciences will be fast-tracked for admission to UMHS after meeting established standards set forth in the articulation agreement. General articulation agreement requirements are outlined on our website.

“Larkin University’s College of Biomedical Sciences is successfully advancing educational opportunities for South Florida’s diverse communities, and creating a learning environment to promote optimal learning and support student success,” said Marti Echols, Dean of Larkin University College of Biomedical Sciences. “As medical school admissions in the United States become increasingly competitive, we’re proud to offer a pathway for our students to make their dreams of becoming a doctor a reality. Like LU, UMHS provides students with small class sizes and a student-centered faculty, and their approach has resulted in impressive USMLE scores and graduates who match into competitive residency programs on their way to becoming medical doctors.”



Dedicated to training the next generation of world-class physicians, UMHS provides personalized medical education with an 8:1 student-to-faculty ratio and unparalleled support. UMHS students also have access to UMHS’s state-of-the-art facilities and clinical rotations at leading teaching hospitals throughout the United States for superior training that positions graduates for prestigious residency placements. This year, UMHS celebrated one of the most successful Match Days in the school’s history - with students securing residencies in 11 medical specialties across 24 states and territories, including multiple matches in California, Texas, Michigan, and Puerto Rico, and the school’s first matches in Oregon and New Hampshire. UMHS also reached new milestones for Canadian students, who placed directly into residencies through CaRMS, including its first-ever match in Alberta.

“We’re pleased to partner with Larkin University, a school that shares our vision of educating uniquely skilled and diverse medical professionals eager to meet the need for physicians in various settings, and reflecting the demographics of the communities we serve,” said Warren Ross, president of UMHS. “LU is focused on educational programs, research and scholarly activity, and development of solutions that promote the common good of health care and society, and we look forward to building on that foundation as we provide the training for highly skilled, resilient, and empathetic doctors. We’re excited to welcome qualified LU graduates to the UMHS family.”
UMHS has articulation agreements with several undergraduate institutions in the U.S. and Canada. These agreements enable a prospective student from a partnering university to automatically qualify for admission to UMHS after meeting the minimum standards defined by the articulation agreement.

For a complete list of schools that have partnered with UMHS and an overview of admission requirements, please visit

If you are interested in applying to UMHS and you currently attend one of the institutions listed, contact our admissions team for more information.

Posted by Megan Leer

Megan is a Public Relations & Communications Consultant for UMHS. When she's not working with UMHS faculty, students and alumni to promote their expertise through media coverage and special events, she enjoys spending time outdoors in her hometown of San Diego.

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