UMHS TEAM AT CARPHA: (left to right) Jeannie Autry, Adithi Srinivasiah, Dr. Jane Harrington, Nicole Winkelmann, Fatima Issa. Photo: Dr. Harrington


By Dr. Jane Harrington

Each year, Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) hosts a conference to highlight medical research activities in the Caribbean region. Our island of Saint Kitts hosted this year’s conference at the St. Kitts Marriott, which provided the UMHS medical students and faculty an opportunity to actively participate.  Over the course of three days, UMHS students volunteered at the conference to assist with registration, audio-visual needs, verification of attendee badges, and poster sessions.


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CARPHA ANNUAL HEALTH RESEARCH PROJECT: (left to right) Rayshell Morales, Dr. Jane Harrington, Karla Martinez, Yanelle I. Asencio. Photo: Dr. Harrington

As part of the UMHS Medical Research Elective, student Paolo Rodriguez and Dr. Jane Harrington have been working the St. Kitts Ministry of Health to develop a digital public health database.  They have been gathering data to assess risk factors for non-communicable diseases at the numerous community health fairs, hosted by student organizations such as AMSA (American Medical Students Association).   To comprehensively process the data collected, Dr. Harrington attended the Epi Info™ 7 Data Analysis Workshop prior to the conference to utilize the data analysis program utilized by the CDC.  The findings from the project were displayed as a poster presentation,Development of a Digital Public Health Database to Assess Risk Factors of Diabetes in the Federation of St. Kitts”.  The abstract has been published in a supplemental edition of the West Indian Medical Journal.

Retired former UMHS professor Dr. James Gordon Avery with Dr. C. James Hospedales, Executive Director of CARPHA. Photo: Dr. Harrington


Retired UMHS Professor Dr. James Gordon Avery additionally contributed to the CARPHA conference to promote his mission to develop multi-national cancer registry, diagnosis and treatment coordination.  He attended the pre-conference workshop “Building Multi-Sectoral Partnerships for Translational Cancer Prevention and Control Research in the Caribbean” and gave an oral presentation “Cancer Care in Antigua, Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis.”

Dr. Averywho was often interviewed by the UMHS Endeavour about his important research when he worked for UMHShas been a regular conference attendee and was recognized with a certificate of appreciation at the Closing Ceremony for his dedicated support of CARPHA.


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Dr. Jane Harrington at the CARPHA Conference. Photo: Dr. Harrington

The CARPHA conference was considered a great success to bring together health care providers, public health policy makers, and academic researchers from many Caribbean islands. UMHS community members are looking forward to attending and presenting at next year’s conference.

The following volunteers attended the conference:

Karla Martinez

Rayshell Morales

Yanelle I. Asencio

Amanda Alvelo

Thomas Kosick

Florence Adeyemo

Mohammed Iqbal

Nathalia Millan

Nina Madjer

Geovanny Ruiz

Ernesto Quiñone

Amanda Diaz Mendez

Alexa Datko

Ardelle Estoesta

Eboni Peoples

Zonelle Harris

Vincent Tran

Fatima Issa

Adithi Srinivasiah

Jeannie Autry

Nicole Winkelmann

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