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UMHS students have the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge medical research under the mentorship of Dr. Jane Harrington, Course Director of Medical Research Elective. 2018 was a banner year for UMHS Research students. In addition to data collection and paper writing, students presented the study "Prevalence and Antimicrobial Suseptibility of Bacterial Contaminate Isolated from Imported and Domestic Retail Chicken and Pork in St. Kitts" at the American Society for Microbiology meeting in New Orleans. UMHS student Nadya Perez Bastista conducted a literature search on post-hurricane outbreaks and epidemics in Puerto Rico, and Ms. Perez Bastista and Dr. Harrington presented their findings at the One Health Symposium. Read about Dr. Harrington's amazing research work with UMHS students by visiting her many guest posts in the UMHS Endeavour blog. Other recent projects include a study on cell phones and MRSA, presented at the  American Society for Microbiology. UMHS students have the opportunity to participate in the Annual Research Symposium and more.


Other past projects have included research on what is or isn't in St. Kitts drinking water. UMHS students explored the general safety of drinking water in St. Kitts by searching for the possible presence of disease-causing bacteria. Another project on molds was developed in 2013 to answer key questions about fungal presence in the air, food, and formulations. The research explored whether the 2012 meningitis outbreak in the United States could have been averted and if a similar outbreak can be prevented in the future.


A manuscript detailing a model for global surveillance of the air—based on studies in St. Kitts—was published in February 2014 in the online journal Virology & Mycology. The project involved mapping areas of high mold counts around the island that could potentially cause opportunistic infections and food spoilage from fungal growth. Students were involved in all aspects of the research project from planning, to fieldwork, to manuscript preparation and authorship. 


UMHS students have also worked with Dr. Gordon Avery, a world-renowned epidemiologist and former UMHS Senior Research Fellow.  Students worked with Dr. Avery on the 2012 presentation “How Well Is St. Kitts and Nevis  Handling Epidemiologic Transition?” This was presented at a Royal Society of Tropical Medicine Research Symposium at the University of Warwick in England. This report was also presented as a poster on “The Case for the Early Introduction of HPV Vaccine in St. Kitts and Nevis” at the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) Annual Scientific Meeting in Barbados in 2013.


The faculty at UMHS are also involved in research. Dr. Prakash Mungli, associate professor of biochemistry at UMHS, published a study on India’s Koraga community in an international medical journal. Dr. Mungli also gave a presentation on type 2 diabetes at the 20th International Conference on Yoga Research and Its Applications in 2014 in Bangalore, India. Dr. Mungli is regularly interviewed in the UMHS Endeavour about his many studies and achievements.  We also have active research occuring in our anatomy department. 


Visit the UMHS Endeavour to     read his many interviews.




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