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DR. ALFRED ROY: Alfred Roy, MD, UMHS Chair and Professor of Pathology at UMHS, was recently honored with the Figure 1 2016 Healthcare Educators Award, given in recognition of teaching excellence, by the popular Figure 1 medical app. Photo: Ann Celestine, UMHS

Alfred Roy, MD, UMHS Chair and Professor of Pathology at UMHS, was recently awarded the Figure 1 2016 Healthcare Educators Award, given in recognition of teaching excellence, with recipients selected from 116 institutions in 33 countries, from the USA and St. Kitts to Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia, among others.

Dr. Roy came to the University of Medicine and Health Sciences, St. Kitts back in 2013 after holding positions in medical education and Pathology at the Manipal, University of the West Indies, Melaka University, St. Matthew’s University, and the American University of Antigua.

In “Meet Healthcare’s Favorite Educators,” the official Figure 1 blog announcement, the company says Dr. Roy received the most nominations for the 2016 Healthcare Educators Award and “every submission showed an immense appreciation for Dr. Roy’s work with students.”

Figure 1 has been called “Instagram for doctors” by such media outlets as CNN and is used by a growing number of North American medical students, according to the official Figure 1 blog announcement.

“With more than 65% of medical students in North America using Figure 1, education is a cornerstone of our global community,” the Figure 1 announcement says. ‘Every day, students engage in case-based discussion with physicians across the spectrum of medical specialties. We are proud to facilitate this ongoing conversation between dedicated students and passionate educators.”

“To recognize excellence in medical education, we invited Figure 1’s students to nominate their professors for our first-ever Healthcare Educators Award,” the announcement continues.

Figure 1 is an app that’s changing medicine. Figure 1”allows doctors around the world to upload anonymous photos of their most compelling (and confusing) cases to a photo sharing platform with goals of trading information and asking for advice,” says an article in the Huffington Post.

Figure 1 provides high-tech tools for young doctors to help patients, but understanding the humanity of patients and learning to treat the whole person, not just a disease or condition, is also crucial. Learning compassion and caring is vital for any physician, and Caribbean medical students at UMHS have learned a lot about helping patients with the healing process from Dr. Roy. He was called “a perfect example of an empathetic physician” by one student.

“Dr. Alfred Roy’s dedication and commitment to helping us learn pathology has set him apart from the rest. Not only has he conveyed medical knowledge to us, he has also become a perfect example of how an empathic physician should conduct themselves. Dr. Roy’s passion for medicine and advocacy for his students makes him the perfect candidate for the 2016 Healthcare Educators Award,” Kelly Thomas, a UMHS medical student, is quoted as saying in the Figure 1 blog announcement.

The Figure 1 team selected 10 winners “based on both quality and volume of nominations,” according to the official Figure 1 media statement.

The UMHS Endeavour recently spoke to Dr. Alfred Roy about winning the award from Figure 1, what’s important about the app, how it feels to win the award, and his advice for UMHS students as they complete their medical education and enter their careers as doctors.

UMHS Endeavour: Tell us what it feels like to win the Figure 1 Healthcare Educators Award for “outstanding teaching excellence” and “commitment to going above and beyond” for students.

Dr. Roy: I’m touched by affection and kindness shown by my students. I’m thankful to Figure 1 for giving a platform for teachers to be recognized for their continual efforts in improving student learning.

 This is something students nominate you for, correct?

Yes, the award was based on polling.

Can you tell us a bit about Figure 1 and why it’s important for medical students?

Figure 1 is doing a fine job in presenting clinical cases that reaches out to both medical students and clinicians. It is not an easy task to choose cases, which are relevant, and yet challenging for a diverse audience.

I had registered a year back, and do follow the cases which are mailed to me. I love the challenge, and it is an excellent learning experience.

You joined UMHS in 2013. What have been some of your greatest accomplishments since that time?

I keep trying to make learning interesting. In this pursuit I’ve experimented with few learning methodologies. Use of concept maps, and creating checklist were some of things, which the students found very helpful. Examsoft has opened up an avenue to generate formative assessments. I strongly feel that the weekly formative assessments help students to recall the material. These formative assessments also give me a feedback about concepts, which need to be reinforced.

What are a few key things students should know about pathology as they begin their clinical rotations?

A strong foundation in Pathology helps you to understand diseases. Pathology is the cornerstone of basic sciences, and also links all clinical disciplines. Also, Pathology/Hematology along with Radiology is the hub, around which you have the clinical disciplines.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to the students?

Have faith in your abilities at all times. It’s never about IQ, but it’s about your attitude to work and ethics.

Life is precious, and it will be your duty to work tirelessly to preserve it.


Alfred Roy
FIGURE 1 HEALTHCARE EDUCATORS AWARD 2016: Dr. Alfred Roy of UMHS was among a select few medical educators to receive the prestigious honor. Photo: Ann Celestine, UMHS




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