DR. PRAKASH MUNGLI:  Photo from the UMHS professor's Facebook page, Biochemistry Made Easy.
DR. PRAKASH MUNGLI: Photo from the UMHS professor’s Facebook page, Biochemistry Made Easy.

Dr. Prakash Mungli was named “Most Inspiring Professor” by UMHS students at the Student Clinician Ceremony banquet late last year.

The UMHS Endeavour takes a brief look at Dr. Mungli’s many accomplishments.

We recently spoke to Dr. Mungli about the award.

“I was happy to receive ‘the Most Inspiring Professor Award’ from Fall 2014 outgoing students.” he says. “I felt happy and honored, I really appreciate what my students have done in recognizing their professors’ efforts. Honestly, I’m happy about it and wish all my students only the best.”

Below is a short video of the banquet and words from UMHS student Robertino Simpson on why Dr. Mungli deserved the award.

MOST INSPIRING PROFESSOR AWARD: Given to Dr. Prakash Mungli by UMHS students in late 2014
MOST INSPIRING PROFESSOR AWARD: Given to Dr. Prakash Mungli by UMHS students in late 2014

UMHS professor Dr. Prakash Mungli has made a difference in both India and for students at UMHS, one of the leading Caribbean medical schools. He published a study on India’s Koraga community in an international medical journal. Dr. Mungli also gave a presentation on type 2 diabetes at the 20th International Conference on Yoga Research and Its Applications in 2014 in Bagalore, India.

In addition, Dr. Mungli continues to help UMHS students master biochemistry with his popular Facebook group, Biochemistry Made Easy (https://www.facebook.com/drmungli), and keeps people informed with his blog, Medical Biochemistry Made Easy (http://drmungli.blogspot.com/).

Dr. Mungli, Course Director and Associate Professor of Biochemistry at UMHS, recently published a study on liver dysfunction, anemia and metabolic syndrome in the Koraga community in South Karnataka, India in the International Journal of AJ Institute of Medical Sciences, a biannual, peer-reviewed, indexed, scientific journal catering to all specialties of medical and allied health sciences (http://journal.ajmedicals.in/WebPages/ViewResearchPapers.aspx?issue=current)

Dr. Mungli
Dr. Mungli

Dr. Prakash Mungli’s Many Achievements

• Dr. Mungli received his MD in biochemistry from Manipal University, India and his basic medical sciences degree MBBS from Gulbarga University, India.

• Dr Mungli has taught medical biochemistry since 2002. He has more than a decade of experience in intensive education in Medical Biochemistry, according to USMLE curriculum and other curriculums across the world.

• Prior to joining UMHS, Dr. Mungli taught biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics at St Matthews University, school of medicine in the Cayman Islands. His knowledge, skills, values, experience and attitude so acquired has spanned undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate education, teaching basic and advanced concepts in Medical Biochemistry, through classical pedagogy, problem based learning (PBL), team base learning (TBL), small group learning, case presentation, and small group presentation.

• Dr. Mungli has his own YouTube channel where he posts short reviews of his lectures, which students can access from anywhere (https://www.youtube.com/user/PMUNGLI).

• Dr. Mungli has worked as the faculty adviser for American Medical Students Association (AMSA). He has been actively involved in all its activities.

• Dr. Mungli is actively involved in research. He has published research papers in national and international indexed journals. His work has been cited in more than 50 indexed journals. He has guided more than 25 master degree students and co-guided 5 PhD students, and his work has been presented both as a poster and oral in more than 20 national and international conferences.

• Dr. Mungli has served as editorial board member and reviewer for six indexed journals. His current research interest is in medical education.

• Before joining Manipal University, Dr. Mungli was practicing as a family physician. He has also given his valuable service to the community in his native place in India for two years.

• Dr. Mungli brings in his clinical experience, along with his research and teaching experience, for the students of UMHS.


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