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    New Dual Degree Options for UMHS Students

    Posted by Dignan
    Jan 22, 2013 1:01:45 AM

    What's the path to becoming a well rounded doctor these days? The answer may be more than just attending the right medical school and obtaining the best residency. These are important things for any student to consider, of course. However as the medical system changes, so too do the study and practice of medicine. Those who pursue this practice may desire, or eventually, require additional learning opportunities to complement the training they receive.

    UMHS understands how critical it is for Caribbean medical school students to hold a competitive and professional advantage. In a continuous effort to support its students for a successful future in a rapidly changing field, UMHS has partnered with two outstanding universities to offer complementary health related dual degrees.

    Walden University

    UMHS has joined forces with Walden University to offer qualified students a Master's Degree in Health Administration (M.H.A.), or a Master's Degree in Public Health (M.P.H.), as well as other exciting educational opportunities.

    Anticipating the need for financial aid, UMHS and Walden have partnered to offer students a 20% tuition savings for any health sciences, or other professional development program. This is exciting news for those seeking to sharpen their competitive edge and add invaluable tools for future success as physicians. To learn more click here or go to the Walden University website.

    Davenport University

    UMHS has also partnered with  Davenport University to offer qualified students a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree with an emphasis in health sciences.  This unique MBA program provides the opportunity to learn the business side of medicine -- something of great importance to those who will one day manage busy medical practices. To learn more click here, or go to the Davenport University's website.

    About UMHS:

    Built in the tradition of the best US universities, the University of Medicine and Health Sciences focuses on individual student attention, maintaining small class sizes and recruiting high-quality faculty. We call this unique approach, “personalized medical education,” and it’s what has led to our unprecedented 96% student retention rate, and outstanding residency placements across the US and Canada. UMHS is challenging everything you thought you knew about Caribbean medical schools.

    Posted by Dignan

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