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    So You're Starting Medical School...Now What?

    Posted by Dignan
    Sep 4, 2012 11:19:43 PM

    Even as the summer ended, you packed your bags and headed off to your next adventure in medical school, did you think you knew what to expect once you go there?  Starting anything new is difficult, but this is medical school.  How will you survive all the studying, long hours, exams, being away from home, etc., etc. No matter how many episodes of Scrubs you watched, there weren’t a lot of helpful tips you can bank on. But you made it, and as you well know, not everyone can say that. Congratulations!  First hurdle cleared. Just 500 or so more to go.

    But not to worry – starting medical school, just like anything else, can be a little easier with the right strategy.

    There are many ways to approach medical school and a lot of websites with a lot of directions and suggestions for the would-be and actual medical student.  Of those out there, most seem to agree on the following:

    Be A Team Player: This is not the time to go it alone.  Make friends and have a support network for the times when things get tough, and they will get tough.  They are supposed to.  Learn how to stress out with friends.  They will understand when few others do.

    Studying Good, Cramming Bad:  The only thing worse than being unprepared for an exam is to be tired and unprepared.  Plan your study time well. Make a schedule that works for you.

    Be “The One”: Remember the student who asked a lot of questions and always volunteered to answer the questions asked?  Be that student. Being enthusiastic and confident is one of the keys to having a great learning experience

    Have Fun: The song “We Shall Never Pass This Way Again” says it all.  Do your best to find ways to enjoy the experience.  Relax.  Stay fresh.  Join student organizations and clubs.  And most of all remember:  You are here for a reason and with the right attitude, and yes, a lot of work, one day you will be a doctor.

    Good luck and have a great year!

    (Top photo) Students at UMHS in St. Kitts. Photo: UMHS archives

    About UMHS:

    Built in the tradition of the best US universities, the University of Medicine and Health Sciences focuses on individual student attention, maintaining small class sizes and recruiting high-quality faculty. We call this unique approach, “personalized medical education,” and it’s what has led to our unprecedented 96% student retention rate, and outstanding residency placements across the US and Canada. UMHS is challenging everything you thought you knew about Caribbean medical schools.


    Posted by Dignan

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