NEW UMHS ASSISTANT DEAN OF STUDENT AFFAIRS: Dr. Prakash Mungli. Photo: Courtesy of Dr. Mungli

Dr. Prakash Mungli, MD., M.B.B.S., UMHS Chair of Department of Molecular Sciences, and Professor of Biochemistry, was recently promoted to Assistant Dean of Student Affairs.

In addition to being a popular professor amongst UMHS Caribbean medical students (he won the “Outstanding Professor of the Year Award” in 2015 and has twice won the “Best Dressed Professor Award” and “Most Inspiring Professor Award” from outgoing students), Dr. Mungli is an accomplished author and has published several papers in medical journals. He also has an informative Facebook page and group, Biochemistry Made Easy, and his own YouTube channel.

The UMHS Endeavour spoke to Dr. Mungli about the new position and how he is available to help UMHS students.

UMHS Endeavour: How does it feel to be promoted to Assistant Dean of Student Affairs?

Dr. Mungli: Honestly, it is an honor. I must say, it is a sweet surprise. I sincerely convey my many thanks to the administration for believing in my abilities to carry out this responsibility. I accept the responsibilities and the challenges this position has to offer.

As always I will give my 100 percent in fulfilling my responsibilities to the best of my knowledge, skills and ability.  I’m all excited to be the part of the administration and be able to contribute for the overall success of our students in particular and UMHS in general.

What are some of your responsibilities as Assistant Dean of Student Affairs?

 As an Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, I will be closely working with Dr. Last, the Dean of Student Affairs, assisting him in all matters related to student affairs. While Dr. Last is in UMHS St Kitts campus, I will be mainly dealing with Student Government Association (SGA) events and UMHS student organizations. I will also act as a proxy or deputy to the Dean of Student Affairs whenever the Dean of Student Affairs is unable to attend or participate in the events that necessitate participation of the Dean of Student Affairs. In the absence of Dean of Student Affairs on the UMHS St. Kitts campus, I will be responsible for carrying out all the duties of the Dean of Student Affairs. In the event when both the Deans, the Dean of Student Affairs and the Dean of Basic Sciences, are out of the UMHS St. Kitts campus, my responsibility is to carry out the duties of both THE Deans as their deputy.

Is there anything else you’d like UMHS students to know?

First of all, I would like to convey my sincere thanks to all my current and past UMHS students for all the feedback, love, and respect that they have shown towards me. They have played a major role in my professional growth. Whatever I’m now is all because of my students. Once again, I would like to convey my sincere thanks to all of them.

Being in this position, I promise to work for the benefit of UMHS students and for the overall success of UMHS students. If they ever need my assistance, they are free to contact me any time via phone, e-mail, or any other mode of communication.

I wish them all only the best.

About UMHS:

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