Dr. Prakash Mungli
DR. PRAKASH MUNGLI: Given inaugural ‘Outstanding Professor of the Year Award 2015’ by UMHS students. Photo: Courtesy of Dr. Prakash Mungli

Dr. Prakash Mungli, UMHS Chair of Department of Molecular Sciences, and Professor of Biochemistry, was recently given the “Outstanding Professor of the Year Award 2015.”

In addition to being a popular professor amongst UMHS Caribbean medical students, Dr. Mungli is an accomplished author and has published several papers in medical journals. He also has an awesome Facebook page and group, Biochemistry Made Easy, and his own YouTube channel.

The UMHS Endeavour caught up with Dr. Mungli to talk about the award and all the great things he has in store for 2016.


Dr. Prakash Mungli
OUTSTANDING PROFESSOR OF THE YEAR AWARD 2015: Dr. Prakash Mungli was given the award in January 2016. Photo: Courtesy of Dr. Prakash Mungli

Tell us how winning the inaugural “Outstanding Professor of the Year Award 2015” made you feel. In 2014, you were given the “Most Inspiring Professor Award” from students, right?

First and foremost, I would like to thank all my UMHS students for selecting me for this inaugural award, it means a lot. I would also like to thank the administration for approving this award. I believe this is one of the great ways to recognize all the efforts and commitment made by the faculty in giving their best to students.

I’m indebted to UMHS students for all the love and respect that they have shown and continue to show towards me. So far, since Fall 2014, I have been selected two times as “The Most Inspiring Professor” and once as “the Best Dressed Professor” and this year as “the Outstanding Professor of the Year Award 2015”. All this shows how much they love and how much they care about what I do for them.


Dr. Prakash Mungli
DR. MUNGLI WITH HIS BIOCHEMISTRY CLASS: Taken in fall 2015. Photo: Courtesy of Dr. Prakash Mungli

What are some of the things you have planned for 2016?

Having received “The Outstanding Professor of the Year Award 2015” in the second week of January, I have a great start for the year 2016. I’m planning to continue to do what I love to do, that is to give my 100%. I’m also planning to introduce “flipped classroom” to my students where active learning environment is created and students will have more time for interaction. I’m planning to increase the number of videos on my YouTube channel that will help them in learning process.

Are you working on any studies or research you’d like to talk about?

Yes, two semesters back we started a research study on effectiveness of social media like Facebook in the learning process. We have collected data and the paper for publication is under preparation. I’m also planning on conducting a similar study on YouTube videos. I’m open for discussion if some students come up with great and feasible ideas to research.

You’re still posting on the Biochemistry Made Easy Facebook page, right? What can students expect if they go to the page regularly?

I’m continuing with my Biochemistry Made Easy Facebook Group, currently it has little more than 2500 members in the group from across the globe. I’m posting USMLE style question at least one two times a week during the semester. If a student become member of this group and keep the notification tab on, they will get notification about whenever I post question there in the group. They have an option to just read the question and answer themselves or they can write an answer and participate in discussion. Some questions create a great and healthy discussion that will help in learning the material well.

Below is the link for Biochemistry Made Easy Facebook Group:


Meanwhile, I have also created Biochemistry made easy Facebook page which 600 plus likes and I’m trying to reach my students through that way too. The plus point about a Facebook page than a Facebook group is a Facebook page will give me analytics where I can analyze the views, reach and such data.

Here is a link for my Facebook page:


One of the things that is worth mentioning here and which is highly appreciated by UMHS students and students across the globe is my YouTube channel. So far I have 1309 subscribers to the channel and the channel has 134, 642 views! I have total 79 videos uploaded till now and they are grouped into My Biochemistry Step-1 Review videos and USMLE Type Questions Review videos. The best thing about my YouTube channel is whenever out students do not understand some concept 100% in class, they simply go to YouTube at their places and see me there explaining that concept as many times as they want until they understand the concept. Another great thing about my YouTube channel is UMHS students review for their Step-1 exam and if they have difficulty in recalling some concepts, then they simply visit my YouTube channel and watch my videos. I have received several positive comments on these videos expressed in person, via e-mail and written below my videos. All in all YouTube videos have a positive impact on my students learning.

Below is the link for my YouTube channel:


One other thing that I’m doing since the year 2012 is I’m giving a PDF file of “Biochemistry Review for Step-1”. This pdf file contains condensed review of biochemistry high yield points. All students need to do is to refer to this PDF file, which has around 350 slides, while they prepare for their step-1 exam. I have received e-mails from my previous students who have performed extremely well in biochemistry part of step-1 after referring to this PDF file. So this PDF file will supplement as a guide for step-1 biochemistry preparation after they learn biochemistry from me in classroom setting.

Is there anything you’d like our new UMHS students to know?

I would take this opportunity to thank administration for giving me an opportunity to be part of this great institution. I see that UMHS has come a long way since its inception. I foresee a great feature for UMHS given the fact that it has great administrators, staff, and above all it has great faculty who are always eager to help students and give their best in educating them. I do not have any hesitation in saying UMHS is one of the best medical schools in Caribbean and I welcome them to UMHS.

Anything else you’d like to add, Dr. Mungli?

As always I will continue to give my 100% in whatever I do, I love teaching biochemistry and will continue to do what I love! I always go beyond my limitation or comfort zone to help students if they need my help in learning the material or if they need to talk to me about the difficulties they are facing. I more than welcome them to my office to discuss things and succeed in the medical school. All I want is to be part of their success stories.

I wish them only the best for all their endeavors.

Last but not the least I dedicate this award to all my UMHS students.


Dr. Prakash Mungli
DR. PRAKASH MUNGLI: A look at his many accomplishments below. Photo: Courtesy of Dr. Prakash Mungli


Dr. Prakash Mungli’s Many Achievements

Below are facts about Dr. Mungli you may not know.

• Dr. Mungli received his MD in biochemistry from Manipal University, India and his basic medical sciences degree MBBS from Gulbarga University, India.

• Dr Mungli has taught medical biochemistry since 2002. He has more than a decade of experience in intensive education in Medical Biochemistry, according to USMLE curriculum and other curriculums across the world.

• Prior to joining UMHS, Dr. Mungli taught biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics at St Matthews University, school of medicine in the Cayman Islands. His knowledge, skills, values, experience and attitude so acquired has spanned undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate education, teaching basic and advanced concepts in Medical Biochemistry, through classical pedagogy, problem based learning (PBL), team base learning (TBL), small group learning, case presentation, and small group presentation.

• Dr. Mungli has his own YouTube channel where he posts short reviews of his lectures, which students can access from anywhere (https://www.youtube.com/user/PMUNGLI).

• Dr. Mungli has worked as the faculty adviser for American Medical Students Association (AMSA). He has been actively involved in all its activities.

• Dr. Mungli is actively involved in research. He has published research papers in national and international indexed journals. His work has been cited in more than 50 indexed journals. He has guided more than 25 master degree students and co-guided 5 PhD students, and his work has been presented both as a poster and oral in more than 20 national and international conferences.

• Dr. Mungli has served as editorial board member and reviewer for six indexed journals. His current research interest is in medical education.

• Before joining Manipal University, Dr. Mungli was practicing as a family physician. He has also given his valuable service to the community in his native place in India for two years.

• Dr. Mungli brings in his clinical experience, along with his research and teaching experience, for the students of UMHS.


  1. Great Mungli, Keep this up JNV Bellary is Proud of You.
    Best Wishes for you to grow more.
    K.Shankar PGT English
    JNV, Shimoga.

  2. Congratulations brother.. I’m from your native Sandur
    Heart fully proud of all your achievements
    Your success story is inspires a lot in me..
    You are one gem of JNV Bellary
    Wish you much more success for all your future endeavors



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