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Dextrocardia Podcast Episode 7: Raven Goodwin

Posted by Scott Harrah
November 23, 2020

The seventh episode of the UMHS podcast, Dextrocardia, features a discussion with second-year UMHS medical student and Neuroscience TA (teaching assistant) Raven Goodwin, and debuts Tuesday, November 24, 2020.The beauty of the brain lies in the ability of a network of neurons to control each of our actions and dictate our every thought. Neuroscience can be a complicated course as it covers the brain, the spinal cord, and the peripheral nervous system. However, fear not because Raven Goodwin, UMHS Neuroscience TA, is here to break down the course and tell us how our brain can best learn about itself.

Ms. Goodwin has just completed EBS 5 at UMHS, and is heading to Maine to start prepping for Step 1. During her time on the island, she became an Anatomy TA and continued to work until her last semester as a Neuroscience TA. She also joined many student organizations, like SGA (Student Government Association), Surgery Interest Group, AMSA, AMWA, ACSA, where she participated in health clinics and workshops.

Follow Raven Goodwin on Instagram at @rayven.ciarra or email her at

Dextrocardia features interviews with fellow medical students, medical school faculty, and medical practitioners on everything from how to succeed in medical school, to fighting racial inequality in medicine and how medical students are working in the BLM movement.

Episodes are released every other Tuesday. Dextrocardia is available on Apple Podcast, Spotify and Podbean.

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(Top photo) UMHS med student & recent Neuroscience TA Raven Goodwin. Photo: Courtesy of Ms. Goodwin.


Posted by Scott Harrah

Scott is Director of Digital Content & Alumni Communications Liaison at UMHS and editor of the UMHS Endeavour blog. When he's not writing about UMHS students, faculty, events, public health, alumni and UMHS research, he writes and edits Broadway theater reviews for a website he publishes in New York City,

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