UMHS Students Honored at Fall 2016 Clinician Ceremony

Student Clinician Ceremony
WINNER OF H.E.A.L AWARD: UMHS student Bahaa Elzein with Edwin Purcell, PhD, UMHS Dean of Academic Affairs & Professor of Anatomy & Professor of Histology. Photo: GVision Event Photography

Three UMHS students were honored at the Student Clinician Ceremony for Fall 2016 at Carambola Beach Club, South Friar’s Bay on Saturday, December 3, 2016.

Guests enjoyed keynote speeches from Dr. D., Dr. Nagappa and Dr. Jalan, as well as dancing and an awards ceremony.

Student Clinician Ceremony
HIGHEST G.P.A AWARD: Natalia Rodriguez, with Dr. Edwin Purcell. Photo: GVision Event Photography

UMHS takes a look at the winners. The envelope, please.

Highest G.P.A Award: Natalia Rodriguez was given this award for the highest-ranking student.

Student Physician Award: Austin Gardenhire won this award, determined by fellow students.

UMHS “H.E.A.L” Award (Humility, Excellence, Achievement, Leadership): Bahaa Elzein received this award, determined by faculty.  Mr. Elzein, in addition to his studies, has worked on many campus events, and is the founder and president of the UMHS Arab Student Union (ASU).

 Winners received a trophy and a $250.00 cash prize from UMHS.

 The UMHS Endeavour spoke to Mr. Elzein about winning the H.E.A.L Award.

“There isn’t a way I can express how surprised I was upon hearing my name called as the person being honored as the recipient of this award,” Mr. Elzein said. “Every professor I’ve had at this university has allowed me to grow, not only as a student but as a better person and I am ever so thankful for it.”

Mr. Elzein continued, “I appreciate each and every professor. I cannot thank them enough. I want to thank them for being amazing and caring so much.”


Student Clinician Ceremony
AT CLINICIAN CEREMONY: Dr. Edwin Purcell. Photo: GVision Event Photography


About UMHS:

Built in the tradition of the best U.S. universities, the University of Medicine and Health Sciences focuses on individualized student attention, small class sizes and recruiting high-quality faculty. For these reasons, UMHS is quickly becoming the school of choice among Caribbean medical schools.

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