The UMHS campus will be abuzz this Saturday, January 12, 2013 as the newest class of medical students, having made their way to their new home in the Caribbean, will stand for their White Coat Ceremony.  This tradition, which will be broadcast live from St. Kitts, marks a significant milestone in the new students’ journeys, signifying the start of their career as a medical student. For a Caribbean medical school student, this ceremony can be particularly grounding, as they establish themselves in a very different, albeit, remarkably beautiful, environment.

UMHS White Coat Ceremony
UMHS White Coat Ceremony

Though the history of  The White Coat Ceremony  is relatively short, still the  tradition has proven to create a necessary psychological bond, an intellectual connection, and ethical foundation for the study and future practice of medicine.  By ceremoniously receiving the garb of those with whom these students will ultimately be united in their profession, a contract to pursue medicine with empathy,  passion, and excellence is established.  At UMHS, which was founded by Dr. Robert Ross who pioneered the establishment of Caribbean medical schools, this is the moment where the student also commits to the role of custodian: To carry on the UMHS legacy of outstanding student achievement and impressive outcomes as successful students and future doctors.

What lies ahead for these women and men is a life of dedicated study and effort which will lead to a life of service to their communities.  In years to come as they don their white coats in hospitals, clinics and offices around the country, perhaps they will look back and remember this day:  The day when they took a symbolic, yet important step in achieving their dream of becoming a doctor.

To view the ceremony live on Saturday, January 12, 2013, click here. The ceremony begins at 10:30 AM.


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