Teaching Methods

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Teaching Methods



The lecture format is used to teach basic science content with class groups. Audio visual tools are a key element utilized with this traditional teaching method.  The UMHS lecture halls are designed to provide students with maximum viewing access to all audio visual content including power point presentations, video's, and more.


Block examinations are given three times a semster. Exams for all courses are given on the same day to simulate the USMLE experience.  Shelf examinations, created by the National Board of Medical Examiners, are given as final examinations in each of the core basic and clinical science courses.  These examinations are similar in style and format to the USMLE and are utilized by most U.S. medical schools.  Students receive a thorough evaluation of their test scores including a comparison of how they performed in comparison to U.S. medical students.





Clinical Experiences 


During the UMHS Basic Science Program, students have access to a variety of clinical settings, including community health centers and local hospitals.  UMHS is unique in offering students a virtual hospital ward on campus where students work with computerized human simulators in a 24-bed hospital ward setting.  Standardized and professional patients are utilized in both ICM I and ICM II to further enhance the students pre clinical experience.







A tutoring program is available for students requiring additional support on a given topic. The Dean of Student Affairs is responsible for assigning students to a tutor. In addition, the faculty have posted office hours for students who may need additional assistance.  The University through the promotions committee closely monitors student performance throughout the semester.  Students encountering academic difficulty will be required to meet with the dean and advisor to develop an action plan to address any issues.  As a result of this program we have successfuly reduced our attrition rate to less than 4%. 




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Individual Learning 


Students are required to bring a laptop/tablet computer to all their classes to access the faculty powerpoint presentation and class notes.  Students can save this information to their C Drive for future use.  Students have the capability to annotate these presentations for studying purposes.  In addition, students can access online resources from the Library and Learning Resource Center, via a wireless environment on campus, or at home by cable modem.




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UMHS is currently affiliated with KAPLAN MEDICAL, the premier USMLE Review Program in the United States.  In the 5th Semester, students are required to complete a 7 week live USMLE Review Course taught by faculty from some of the leading medical schools in the United States.  We believe our students success on Step I is due to many factors including a well defined curriculum, dedicated faculty, personalized education, utilization of shelf examinations, and our affiliation with one of the best review programs in the United States. 


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