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David Kadouri, M.D. 

Class of 2013


OB/GYN Resident,

Crozer-Chester Medical Center, Pennsylvania


Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Toronto native Dr. David Kadouri decided to study medicine at UMHS because he liked the sense of community at the school and the unique relationship between the student body and faculty.


The outstanding training he received at UMHS and through its clinical rotations helped him land a residency in OB/GYN at the prestigious Crozer-Chester Medical Center in Pennsylvania.


“The education at UMHS is extremely intimate; it is the perfect setup for an ambitious and eager student to thrive,” Dr. Kadouri says. “The class sizes are small, and there is a very personal feel.


My friends and faculty felt like family. Their sense of investment and genuine interest in my success was clear and palpable. My teachers were always available, and the roles and barriers of the usual student-teacher relationship didn’t exist. I could approach any member of faculty, from TA, to professor, up to the dean – with absolute comfort and ease, and they would give you their time to teach and help you succeed.”


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