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The University of Medicine and Health Sciences is proud to have the best Anatomy lab in the Caribbean. Even the largest medical schools in the United States would be envious of the anatomy lab and facilities we have! The gross anatomy lab and neuroanatomy laboratories are housed in our 11,000 sq. ft. anatomy facility, which is equipped with cutting-edge audio-visual technology. There are 20 dissection platforms in the gross anatomy lab where students have a 6 to 1 cadaver ratio. While in neuroanatomy the ratio is even lower at 4 to 1.

For demonstration purposes, a prosected cadaver is used in class. A high-resolution camera records even the slightest details and presents them onto the 55-inch LED monitors that are located at the end of every student's cadaver work table. This allows all students to see all the important dissection details while working on their own cadavers.

During anatomy lab sessions, students can use computer software at each cadaver table to obtain anatomical reference information. Students can also view pertinent information offered by the professor in a variety of formats while dissecting, including Power point and ELMO® presentations. Power poles are present at each cadaver table enabling students that want to use their personal laptops or tablets to access our library of anatomical photos.

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Some quick points about Anatomy Labs

Anatomy forms the foundation of medical knowledge. It's a fundamental, essential component of medical education that cannot be replaced. At The University of Medicine and Health Sciences, our students perform cadaver dissection. This is a very important step in a medical student's education as gaining an understanding of human variability is not replaceable by using video technology.

Anatomy Lab FAQs
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State of the art Anatomy lab

The image on the right shows that no expense was spared during the construction of this 11,000 square foot facility from the dissection tables to the ventilation system. Notice that the stations are not crowded and advanced audio-visual systems allow everyone to follow along.

Human Anatomy Laboratory FAQs
State of Art Anatomy Lab facility

Here are answers to the most common questions we get asked. 

What is a human anatomy lab?

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Is completion of an in-person or virtual anatomy lab required for entrance to medical school?

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What do you do in anatomy lab?

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Why is cadaver dissection important for Med Students?

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What is the smell in a cadaver lab?

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Is Anatomy with a lab a course needed for students taking the MCAT?

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Gaining knowledge of human anatomy is important for all Medical students, but mastering the intricacies of the human body is essential for all future surgeons. We firmly believe our training is vastly superior to other Medical schools that rely totally upon audio-visual presentations or have decided to only use prosected body parts. Please check out our popular blog post about 15 different types of Surgeons and download our General Surgery medical specialty guide by clicking on the icon below.

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