Organizations & Clubs

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Organizations & Clubs


As a new university, organizations at UMHS are just forming. It is anticipated that additional organizations will evolve based on student interests and needs, and that they will reflect the diversity of the student population.



SGA: Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is a student-elected organization that acts as the liaison between the school administration and the student body.  The electoral board consists of 10 class representatives and 5 executive board members. Each semester the SGA organize celebratory student events such as the Welcome Back Party, mid-semester Sunfest Beach Party and the Student Clinician Ceremony.  In addition, the SGA manage all student clubs and organizations to encourage collaboration and student involvement.



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American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

The American Medical Student’s Association (AMSA) is the oldest, largest, independent student-governed organization for physicians-in-training in the U.S.  AMSA is comprised of medical and premedical students, interns, residents, and practicing physicians from across the world. AMSA is committed to representing the concerns of physicians-in-training and committing to improving the lives of medical students.  AMSA’s aspirations are: Quality, Affordable Health Care for All; Global Health Equity; Enriching Medicine Through Diversity; Professional Integrity, Development and Student Well-Being.  AMSA is a place where you, as a student, can have a voice for the things that matter to you and your future patients. You can be an advocate for the change you believe in. It is the place that helps you remember why it was you wanted to be a physician and keeps you excited about your professional choice every day, even when bogged down with studying, because it takes more than med school to make a physician.  On campus, we strive to accomplish national AMSA’s goal through different programs including simulation labs and organizing student-led health fairs for the community. For more information, please visit or



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AMWA: American Medical Women’s Association

The American Medical Women's Association (AMWA) is comprised of physicians, residents, medical students, and health care professionals. We are dedicated to advancing women in medicine and improving women's health.  We empower women by developing leadership, advocacy, education, expertise, mentoring, and strategic alliances at the local, national, and international level. On campus, we aim to achieve this goal with a variety of programs such as guest speakers and panel events, self- defense classes, simulation labs, interactive clinical case studies, fundraisers for local charities, and events that promote awareness of various health issues.


For more information you can visit us at, or



MEMSA : Middle Eastern Medical Student Association


The Middle Eastern Medical Student Association organized at the University of Medicine and Health Sciences in St. Kitts is a student organization providing insight into the Middle Eastern culture while giving back to the local community.  Being the inaugural semester after being founded, MEMSA is working to organize philanthropic events for the group to give back to the local St. Kitts community. Along with philanthropy, the group plans to hold events promoting Middle Eastern culture through events serving popular Middle Eastern dishes and exploring cultural hobbies.



ASA: African Student Association

The African Students Association (ASA) is a cultural group that is not exclusive to African Students. We actually encourage the membership of other races and ethnic backgrounds. The purpose of the group is to support, unite and promote awareness of African cultures and health issues in the African community and the world around us.








UMHS Sports Club


Here at UMHS we can get bogged down with studying and trying to remember the A to Z's of medicine. There are just those times where you need to relax, clear your head, and get active. That is what the UMHS Sports Club aims to offer the students here at UMHS.  Since our school is relatively new to the island, many of the sports offered are either through Ross or students connecting and gathering on their own to play.


Through the sports club we offer the mainstream sports such as Soccer, Football, and Basketball, along with a few others such as Ultimate Frisbee and even Scuba diving. Weekends usually consist of Volleyball leagues and Softball games which are completely friendly and welcome to all skill levels.


The sports club is also open to expanding the amount of sports it offers with new suggestions every semester. The whole point of the sports club is for the students to just come out and have some fun.


We want to provide you that hour or so of enjoyment you need to regroup and feel refreshed heading back to your studies. We can't wait to see you on the island, have a safe trip getting down here, and welcome to the UMHS family!




Volley Ball



Religious and Cultural Organizations


Religious and cultural organizations are welcomed at UMHS. Their purpose is to support the diverse spiritual needs of the UMHS student body and to promote cultural growth experiences. Organizations may also be sports or recreation focused such as intramural teams.


These experiences demonstrate diversity while also bringing a cohesive set of experiences that will provide life long benefits to students.





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