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Traveling to St. Kitts

Planning for your departure

Located in the eastern Caribbean, St. Kitts is renowned as an island resort destination, easily accessible from New York, Miami, Puerto Rico, and other US hubs. The major St. Kitts airport is Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw International Airport (airport code SKB), which is located about three miles northeast of Basseterre, the capital of St. Kitts.


Flying to St. Kitts

Accepted students are responsible for booking their airfare. You may book independently; however, UMHS recommends working with ProTravel, the University’s designated travel agent. The company negotiates volume discounts with American Airlines, so it may be possible to get the best airfare by booking with them.

Designated travel agent

Tom Backer
Toll Free: 800.714.7618
Direct: 631.465.1000

Round-trip tickets

You must have a round-trip ticket in order to comply with the St. Kitts visa requirements. E-tickets and open-ended return tickets are acceptable.

Share your travel plans

Once your airfare is booked, alert the UMHS Office of Admissions. We need to know your itinerary as early as possible so we can arrange for a University representative to meet you at the airport.

Visa Restrictions for International Travel

Students from countries other than the U.S. cannot travel to St. Kitts via U.S. airports due to visa restrictions. Typically, international UMHS students can obtain transit visas with the German embassy from origin points in Africa, and individuals from certain Pacific-Rim countries can usually transit through Singapore without need for direct airside transit visas.

Many students can also travel via London to Antigua, or to other Caribbean islands, if they first obtain permission from the British High Commission, in conjunction with a Letter of Introduction (LOI), from UMHS’ New York Administration office.

Each student should work closely with their travel agent for specific country instructions and arrival/departure information.

What to bring


Students are required to bring a laptop and/or tablet computer to campus. For details, review our technology requirements.


Your clothing should be lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wash. In addition to your everyday apparel, we recommend that you bring:

  • Sneakers and sandals
  • A  lightweight raincoat and umbrella
  • A light sweater or sweatshirt (for use in air-conditioned classrooms)
  • Two long lab coats or two sets of scrubs (for anatomy lab). 
  • A white clinical coat or jacket (for the White Coat Ceremony)
  • Formal attire and shoes (for clinical and social occasions)
    • For women: skirts and dresses
    • For men: slacks (no jeans), a dress shirt, and tie

Other items to pack

The University recommends that you bring your personal care items, medications, and must-have food items. However, we advise against bringing expensive jewelry or personal items.

UMHS students have also suggested the following:

  • Board games
  • Books for recreational reading
  • Calculator
  • Camera
  • DEET insect repellent
  • Envelopes
  • Hair dryer
  • Hobby items
  • Laundry bag
  • Market bag
  • Playing cards
  • Sewing kit
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Snorkel, mask, and fins
  • Spare eyeglasses
  • Toiletries
  • Waterproof watch

Additional information


Many airlines have a 50-pound weight restriction for each checked suitcase, and most only allow a maximum of two checked suitcases and one carry-on. Check your airline’s website for further details on luggage restrictions.  

Make sure that each piece of luggage has tags with your name and address. We also recommend placing an address tag inside each piece of luggage.

We encourage you to pack a carry-on bag with extra clothing, documents, medications, and other essentials in the event your luggage is lost or delayed in transit.


You may ship items to St. Kitts; however, it may be more convenient to purchase forgotten items after you arrive. Apartments are furnished, so there is no need to send furniture to St. Kitts.

To ship items to St. Kitts, you may use the U.S. Postal Service, Federal Express, United Parcel Service (UPS), DHL, or Amerijet International, which flies once a week from Miami.

For shipping bulk items, you can use Tropical Shipping (800-367-6200). The company requires that the items be shipped to their Miami location. Items are then sent weekly to St. Kitts via cargo ship.


International laws apply on St. Kitts, as elsewhere, with regard to the importation of luxury items. Cigarettes, alcohol, bicycles, TVs, etc. will be taxed.

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Speak with a UMHS ambassador

Learn more about life on St. Kitts by speaking with a current UMHS student or alumnus who can share their experiences with you.

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