Florida Provisional License

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Florida Provisional License


To: The UMHS Community

From: Warren Ross


I am pleased to announce UMHS has been granted a provisional license in the State of Florida, effective immediately. With this approval we are now in a position to schedule core and elective rotations in Florida. UMHS is currently affiliated with Larkin Community Hospital in Miami and will be scheduling students there shortly. The University goal is to establish multiple hospital affiliations in Florida where students can complete both their core and elective rotations.


With each approval the reputation of UMHS will continue to grow and flourish.

There are only a handful of states that have a mechanism to approve a foreign medical school. We now have two of them, Georgia and Florida, an uncommon achievement. In January 2020, we are poised to have approval in the State of California. Later this year, we will be furthering our application to New York, which is the last remaining state approval we seek.


Onward and upward! This is a great day for UMHS.



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