Dr. Nichole Zuccarini, M.D
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Nichole Zuccarini, M.D.


Residency in Internal Medicine

Detroit Medical Center-Sinai Grace Hospital


UMHS 2017 graduate Dr. Nichole Zuccarini’s interest in medicine started out with majoring in medical technology at Michigan State University and receiving a Bachelor’s of Science. She spent time after graduation working in a lab and in marketing and sales. She eventually wanted to become a doctor and chose UMHS because of the state-of-the-art facilities at the St. Kitts campus. She matched in Internal Medicine at the Detroit Medical Center Sinai-Grace Hospital in Michigan after doing an additional rotation there in late 2016. She is especially excited about her residency because she’ll be working with patients who have not had Primary Care before.


The UMHS Endeavour blog caught up with this busy young doctor to talk about her career, her goals for residency, her advice for medical students and the Match process, and how two departments at UMHS were especially helpful. Click here to read Nichole's amazing interview with the blog on how UMHS helped make her dream of becoming a doctor a reality.


“I went to UMHS because of their Extended Basic Sciences Program and awesome school facilities in St. Kitts. As a result of a reduced course load in the Basic Science Program, I was able to excel academically.”



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