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Kristin Biggie, M.D.

Class of 2015

Pediatrics Resident

Jackson Memorial Hospital in Florida


Dr. Kristin Biggie started her residency in Pediatrics at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Florida in summer 2015.


The South Florida native says she is thrilled to be in her home state, allowing her to be close to family and friends. She will also serve fellow Floridians. We caught up with Dr. Biggie to discuss Pediatrics, her clinical rotations, advice on the match process, the advantages and disadvantages of being a Caribbean medical student, her goals for residency, and how UMHS faculty and staff helped her during her medical education. How did UMHS help her on the road to residency? Click here to read Dr. Biggie's interview with the UMHS Endeavour.

"UMHS invests a lot of time and money in ensuring good step 1 scores for their students. This is a gift that all students should utilize. Exhaust your Step 1 resources because a strong Step 1 score will set you apart as a residency candidate."

 "There are many superb clinical rotations at UMHS. It is up to the student to seize the rotations that will work best in their future. If pediatrics is in your future, Sinai Hospital in Baltimore is the place to be."


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