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Alumni Christine Fetterolf


Christine Fetterolf. M.D.

Class of 2015

Family Medicine resident

Lehigh Valley Hospital Allentown, Pennsylvania


Dr. Fetterolf hails from Royersford, Pennsylvania. She decided to become a doctor after seeing her parents, who are both deaf, struggle to understand their own health issues because of miscommunications with health care providers.


Dr. Fetterolf was determined to one day change the way deaf families experience health care by improving deaf cultural awareness in health care and eliminating the need for sign language interpreters for her own patients. She says she always had an interest in how the human body works growing up and now, after years of hard work, she has made her dream of becoming a doctor a reality. Learn how UMHS helped Dr. Fetterolf in making a difference in patients' lives. Click here for her story.


"I really believe most Caribbean students are more determined, resilient, and caring because of their experiences. Those characteristics and experiences are what will make your application stand out from the rest and what will potentially win over a program."

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