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    Please review the openings in the disciplines below. We invite your letter of interest and accompanying resume. It is the goal of UMHS to attract qualified faculty by degree and experience. Our preference is to recruit faculty that have a terminal degree in their discipline which in most cases is a Ph.D. and in some cases, such as anatomy or pathology, is the MD with certification in surgery or pathology. Of course obtaining faculty holding both the Ph.D. and M.D. is always a plus. Also of interest is for the applicant to have teaching experience of at least four years, preferably in a school of medicine in the U.S., Canada, or the UK.


    The University of Medicine and Health Sciences is committed to educating uniquely skilled and diverse medical professionals eager to meet the need for physicians in various settings throughout the United States and the world. With a focus on quality patient care and utilizing the latest in advanced technological instruction and personalized education, our aim is to produce genuinely passionate physicians highly prepared for practice in a changing medical landscape.

    We are seeking experienced and credentialed faculty whose primary interest is in student success. We are unique in that we offer students a personalized  education in a small school environment. We have a state of the art facilities that compares to some of the best medical schools in the United States.

    Our faculty are very happy with the facilities, technology, and faculty resources.  They love living in a Caribbean paradise and enjoy the collegial atmosphere on campus. Faculty salaries and benefits are competitive and comparable to U.S standards. We invite you to learn more about UMHS, and why you should consider being a part of our team.

    Interested candidates can submit their letter of interest and CV or resume to

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