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Cost of attendance

Breaking down the cost of attendance

The Cost of Attendance (COA) budgets below demonstrate the realistic anticipated expenses students can expect to incur while enrolled in the University of Medicine and Health Sciences’ Doctorate of Medicine program. All figures are based on a typical student’s expenses for each identified enrollment period/award year. Cost of attendance budgets, by federal regulation, are designed for a student to live and support themselves modestly during the instructional time. Some of these expenses will be billed by the school, others are indirect expenses that students must budget for.

Regulations dictate that a student's total financial aid cannot exceed their estimated cost of attendance. Total aid includes loans, scholarships, and grants. Aid cannot be applied to items not included in the cost of attendance. Expenses such as family support, mortgage/rent for a second residence (home), credit card debt, or car payments cannot be included in the cost of attendance.

UMHS is proud to provide a quality education at an affordable price. We understand that student debt can be a significant burden, so we have purposely established tuition at a value that makes the academic program affordable, with costs far below those of many other medical school.


Dr. Edith Esparza-Young works with a group of Basic Science students in a small classroom on the St. Kitts campus.

Expenses included in the cost of attendance are as follows:


Tuition fees cover the costs of classes. Effective for the Fall 2023 term, tuition will be charged at a rate of $15,300.00 for Basic Science semesters and $13,030.00 for Extended Basic Science semesters attended in St. Kitts. Tuition for semester 5, attended at the Maine campus, and for all clinical semesters attended at approved US hospital sites, is charged at $17,950.00 per semester. Your actual tuition and individualized cost of attendance budget may differ as per your curricular path and registration data.

Room and Board

Students need to budget for typical living expenses incurred during daily life: housing, utilities, food, etc. Estimates provided anticipate that students will live in safe, comfortable, but modest accommodations. This will generally mean living like a student with a housemate. Costs for housing expenses in St. Kitts are calculated at $1400.00 per month. A separate food allowance is calculated at $125.00 per week. Housing for the 5th semester in Maine, and for all clinical semesters, is $2000 per month.

Transportation Fees

Expenses for travel to and from the island, as well as on the island, are included in your cost of attendance. $900.00 for one round trip air ticket per semester is included, as well as $25.00 per week for transportation expenses on the Island, $250.00 per week in Maine, and $75.00 per week during clinical semesters.

Books and Supplies

Accepted students will be provided with a list of the books and supplies to purchase each semester. The average cost for books and supplies is $500.00 per basic science semester. Books for semesters 1 and 2 are typically bought at the beginning of semester one. Your actual expenses will vary for EBS and Clinical students.


In addition to tuition, students are responsible for administrative, lab, and student government fees each semester. There is an $800.00 per semester charge to cover lab and administrative fees for basic science semesters. Students enrolled in a semester at UMHS’ St. Kitts campus will also be charged a $30.00 student government fee each semester.

Personal Incidentals

A $50.00 per week allowance for any miscellaneous personal expenses students may incur is included.

Health and Air Evacuation Insurance

All students are required to have medical and emergency evacuation insurance. If you do not have coverage, you will be given the option to purchase insurance through UMHS. If you already have health insurance, be sure to contact your provider to ensure coverage will remain effective while you are attending school outside of the U.S. A median rate, of the school-sponsored policy, is included in the COA for health insurance as well as the actual per semester charge for air-evacuation insurance.

Liability Insurance

In order for students to participate in clinical training, liability insurance will be required while at any U.S. affiliate clinical site.

Graduation and Post-Graduation

There will be additional fees associated with graduation ceremonies (i.e., school pins, photos, cap and gown). Graduation and post-graduation expenses are not included in your cost of attendance. The fee for graduation is currently $500.

Study Review

Study review courses and relocation expenses are not included in your cost of attendance. These expenses will not be eligible for student loan use. However, other resources may be available specifically for financing these additional expenses, which fall outside of your required curriculum.

Estimated cost of attendance: MD Program

(Effective Fall 2023)

MD Program: 1st award year
MD Program: 2nd award year
MD Program: 3rd award year
MD Program: 4th award year
MD Program: 5th award year

Estimated cost of attendance: Extended Basic Science (EBS) Program

(Effective Fall 2023)

EBS Program: 1st award year
EBS Program: 2nd award year
EBS Program: 3rd award year
EBS Program: 4th award year
EBS Program: 5th award year
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