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Avinash Rawal,

Avinash Rawal, Ph.D.

Professor of Molecular Science 

Dr. Avinash Rawal has extensive teaching experience across the globe in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Cell biology. Dr. Rawal was awarded his Ph.D. by Nagpur University in Nagpur, India working on the Neuroprotective effects of certain drugs. 

He joined UMHS in 2022 as Professor in Molecular Sciences. He began his teaching career as Lecturer in 2001 at the department of Biochemistry at Dr. Ambedkar College in Nagpur, India. Before moving on to teach at AL Arab Medical University in Benghazi, Libya, he was working as a Reader in the Department of Biochemistry at a Dental School in India. In 2011, Dr. Rawal joined St. Matthews Medical University in the Cayman Islands as a Professor and Chair of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Genetics and worked with them for nine years.

Dr. Rawal is a student-centered professor with expertise in US-based Medical Curriculum for Biochemistry. He offers more than 20 years of teaching background supporting students, developing and reviewing USMLE pattern questions and instructional plans, and organizing and grading exams and tests. He is commended for sustaining an effective learning environment through prepared classes and relevant assignments, and for consistently achieving classroom management and academic goals. Dr. Rawal has over 15 international publications to his name.