UMHS First Caribbean Medical School Approved by Georgia

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UMHS First Caribbean Medical School Approved by Georgia

Dear Students, Staff, and Faculty,


I am pleased to announce that the Georgia Composite Medical Board has approved the University of Medicine and Health Sciences.


In order to qualify for an approval, the University had to provide a significant amount of documentation including both a database of outcome information as well as a self-study. The review was very rigorous and demanding. In 2014 the University received a conditional approval after receiving a positive response from a site visit to the University. A subsequent follow up site visit occurred in January 2015 resulting in a full approval of the University.


As of this date, we are the only foreign medical school to be approved by the State of Georgia under the new standards of the Georgia Composite Board. This approval allows our University to continue to conduct clinical programs in Georgia. Consequently, our students will be eligible for unlimited clinical rotations, participate in residency selection, and obtain a license in the State of Georgia.

I would like to thank the staff and faculty who participated in this review, and especially our students, whose continued excellence earns the respect of the most demanding review boards. We look forward to continuing to expand the number of states/provinces in which our students and graduates can practice medicine, and live out their dreams with their families.



Warren Ross

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