UMHS Anatomy Lab Opens

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UMHS Anatomy Lab Opens

UMHS is pleased to announce the opening of our new 11,000 square foot anatomy building that now houses both the gross and neuro anatomy laboratories. Each laboratory contains approximately twenty dissection platforms.


The anatomy building houses state of the art audio visual equipment to enhance the quality of education. Additional equipment is on order and being installed. Large 42-inch high resolution monitors are stationed by each of the dissection platforms. Computers are being placed at the end of each cadaver table for students to access anatomical software as reference material during lab sessions.


While students are dissecting, they can view relevant information provided by the faculty in several formats, including Microsoft PowerPoint and Elmo presentations. Overhead cameras focus on a prosected cadaver that is used for demonstration purposes.


In addition, UMHS is negotiating to develop the first virtual cadaver where students will be able to dissect a three dimensional virtual cadaver using a touch screen.


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