Dr. Sarhad Najor M.D.
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 Alumni Sarhad Najor


Sarhad Najor, M.D.


Residency in Internal Medicine/Pediatrics

Hurley Medical Center


Dr. Sarhad Najor started his residency in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Michigan this summer. It has been a long road to residency indeed for Dr. Najor, who spent the past 17 years in Michigan but was born in Iraq.


We caught up with this young doctor to talk about why he found the small class sizes at UMHS helpful and his confidence in the Ross family’s excellent track record in medical education. We also discussed why he decided on a Med/Peds residency, his tips for making the most out of the Match process, and why he feels the time he spent at UMHS constituted the “best four years” of his life. How did UMHS help Sarhad become a doctor? Click here to read his full interview in the UMHS Endeavour.


“Because of Dr. Ross and Mr. Warren Ross’ background, I had great faith in attending UHMS. I knew they would move this medical school to the correct path based on their history with molding great medical schools.”



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