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April Frater




Residency in Family Medicine

Tuscaloosa College of Community Health Sciences, Alabama


“Physicians have to be dedicated to their patients and career and I believe that UMHS helps strengthen that. You have to be super dedicated. I believe that I have gained the ability to adapt quickly to new and stressful situations which is something I didn’t possess before. Completing a rotation in one city on Friday and moving to a new city to begin a new rotation on a Monday has taught me to just take one day at a time and not to get overwhelmed by change.”


Dr. April Frater is proof that “nontraditional” students can make dreams of becoming a doctor reality. She didn’t even think about becoming an M.D. until age 26. Now, the native Canadian is thrilled to be starting a Family Medicine residency at Tuscaloosa College of Community Health Sciences in Alabama.


Dr. Frater was already working in medicine when she decided to become an M.D. She trained to become a Medical Laboratory and X-ray Technologist and worked for about eight years at a hospital in her hometown of Kipling, Saskatchewan in Canada.

“I actually never considered a career in medicine or realized I had the potential to be a doctor so it wasn’t a dream of mine until I was about 26 years old,” Dr. Frater said.


Dr. Frater, a Class of 2018 graduate, is happy she decided to study at UMHS because “attending medical school in the Caribbean has been one of the best experiences of my life.”


Read more about Dr. Frater in her interview with the UMHS Endeavour blog.


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