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Dr. Philip L. Kaplan

Counselor and Assistant Professor of Medical Education


Dr. Philip L. Kaplan completed his graduate education at Case Western Reserve University in Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. He began his career as a clinical psychologist at the Community Mental Health Center of Rutgers Medical School as part of the staff supporting the education of medical students, psychiatric residents and fellows in child psychiatry.


Initially, he served as the diagnostic consultant to the division of Youth Services and then, served five years as the Youth Coordinator of the Acute Psychiatric Service before going on to be director of the Middlesex County Family Court's Crisis Intervention Service for four years.


Since establishing his independent practice in 1987, he has provided clinical and forensic evaluation and consultation as a court appointed expert in the areas of criminal responsibility, competence to stand trial, family violence, child development and maltreatment, custody and visitation as well as the determination of disability.

For eight years he also served as the chief psychologist at a psychiatric hospital where in addition to administrative duties he provided consultation to the adult stabilization and criminal forensic units and provided clinical coordination for a long-term adolescent treatment unit. In addition, he has been a consultant to long term substance and alcohol treatment and juvenile justice facilities.


Along with his practice activities he has been adjunct faculty at the undergraduate and graduate level, teaching courses in child development, clinical psychology, personality theory, child maltreatment and issues of family and dependency court. He continues to serve as a director on the board of the Leadership Council on Child Abuse and Interpersonal Violence and, as a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Child Custody.




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