Faculty and Administration
Faculty and Administration

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Faculty and Administration


Faculty members at UMHS share a love of teaching. Skilled and credentialed educators, with backgrounds in medical education, research, and administration, they truly believe that medical students deserve the best instructional methods, including technological tools, available today.

Priding themselves on availability to UMHS students inside and outside of the classroom, our faculty creates a nurturing learning environment. We are a small school catering to the individual needs of our students. Unlike other Caribbean medical schools we offer a personalized education and work closely with each student to ensure their success. As a result, we are proud to announce that our current attrition rate is approximately 4% in the basic science program.


Each faculty member was selected because of their unique set of academic medicine capabilities. Team members range from educators who transitioned from private practice to academic medicine, to members who have spent their entire careers focused on providing the finest instruction to medical students.


As UMHS grows, recruitment of credentialed and qualified faculty primarily from U.S. medicals schools is on going. This page will be periodically updated to include new faculty.






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