UMHS Clinical Student Aaron Vazquez Co-Authors Psychotherapy Research

UMHS clinical student Aaron Vazquez
UMHS student Aaron Vazquez

UMHS clinical student Aaron Vazquez is one of the co-authors of an article published last month in Psychotherapy Research, “Effects of providing patient progress feedback and clinical support tools to psychotherapists in an inpatient eating disorders treatment program: A randomized controlled study.”

Mr. Vazquez participated in a randomized control trial, conducted at an inpatient psychiatric eating disorder facility. The study focused on 141 adult patients who suffered from three categories of eating disorders: anorexia nervosa (AN); bulimia nervosa (BN); or an eating disorder not otherwise specified (ED-NOS), described as “a residual category used whenever a patient did not meet full criteria for one of the other two disorders.”

The published article and abstract can be found online here.

This is the second of three articles that Mr. Vazquez anticipates getting published this year.

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