Faces of the World 6
FACES OF THE WORLD: UMHS ASU members & students coming together for a diverse event. Photo: UMHS ASU

By Bahaa Elzein, President & Founder of UMHS Arab Student Union

I created The Arab Student Union (ASU) on the UMHS campus to diversify and unify the people, and to eliminate any false stereotype that one might have about a culture or faith.

My ASU members and I brought together over 10 cultures and faiths and held an event named “Faces of The World,” Friday, July 8, 2016 in the UMHS Auditorium.


FACES OF THE WORLD: Poster for the event on July 8, 2016. Image: UMHS ASA
FACES OF THE WORLD: Poster for the event on July 8, 2016. Image: UMHS ASA

The event was an educational and exciting show; it gave everybody on campus the opportunity to explore the different cultures and backgrounds.

Iran, Canada, India, USA (Mormonism), Iraq, Syria, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Mexico and Lebanon took place in this event.

Even in these bad times, we must teach our children that there are still truly amazing people in every culture and faith and that the good always outweigh the bad. Teach them to never be afraid.

Faces of the World
FOODS OF THE WORLD: UMHS ASU bringing together exquisite and unique cuisines from over 10 different countries for the Faces of The World show. Photo: UMHS ASU
Faces of the World
AN AWESOME SHOW: UMHS ASU members posing for the camera after a successful show. Photo: UMHS ASU
Faces of the World
CELEBRATING DIVERSITY: UMHS staff & students pile in to watch ASU’s Faces of The World. Photo: UMHS ASU



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