UMHS Microbiology Class July 2012
Dr. Girish Kotwal – front right

Reaching 100 is a major accomplishment on many fronts. A centenarian is honored for surviving to the ripe old age of 100 years, a cricket player  is honored for batting a ‘century’, and tennis champion Serena Williams was honored recently not only for her Wimbledon 2012 win, but for driving home her 100th ace during the championship match.

The accomplishment of reaching 100 came for Dr. Girish J. Kotwal this month with the citing in PubMed of 100 of his publications (note PubMed citation search for Kotwal G as author or investigator) . PubMed selectively indexes a portion of the internationally published biomedical journal literature with book chapters being invariably excluded, thus these 100 publications actually reflect only a portion of Dr. Kotwal’s overall contribution to the literature.  Professor Kotwal PhD MSc BSc, Course Director for Microbiology at the University of Medicine and Health Sciences,  has achieved this remarkable career milestone in the field of medical microbiology, biochemistry and virology research.

Having highly-qualified, published educators is just of of the criteria for being considered a top Medical School.  With the aid of the useful tool PubMed PubReMiner  one can get a snap shot view of Dr. Kotwal’s scholarship spanning 30 years in medical microbiology and biochemistry teaching and research. Dr. Kotwal has published with almost 200 different colleagues, in 55 different journals, in 9 different countries on five continents. With their principal focus being viral proteins, the research of the various scientific teams with which Dr. Kotwal collaborated, have helped expand the body of knowledge of how viruses evade host defense and complement inhibitory proteins. Their studies of various viral proteins in the area of structured biology, genetics, metabolism, immunology and pharmacology, may offer clues to our understanding of the inflammatory process in human tissue, to unraveling the mysteries of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, or to the development of effective anti-viral agents to combat morbidity and mortality.

UMHS Microbiology class congratulate Dr. Kotwal
UMHS Students congratulate Dr. Kotwal

On the behalf of the Faculty and students of the University of Medicine and Health Sciences, St. Kitts ~ Congratulations Dr. Kotwal!

About UMHS:

Built in the tradition of the best US universities, the University of Medicine and Health Sciences focuses on individualized student attention, small class sizes and recruiting high quality faculty. For these reasons, UMHS is quickly becoming the school of choice among Caribbean medical schools.


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