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Our hearts and prayers go out to those who have been so tragically effected by Hurricane Maria. The Island of Dominica had a direct hit from Maria with devastating force. Our eyes now turn to Puerto Rico which is in the direct path of Maria. We stand with our students in solidarity praying for everyone’s safety and security including family, friends, and all of our students at Ponce School of Medicine.  


President Ross 


Hurricane Alert

Wednesday September 20th at 7 PM

We had a large group of students on campus this afternoon and we had opened the book store for food and drinks. We are pleased to announce that power and water is being restored.  As of 3 PM the following areas have full to limited services restored:  Classes will resume tomorrow and we will be on our regular schedule.  Our prayers continue for all in Puerto Rico and Dominica

West Farm (Power)
Camps (Power and Water)
Birdrock and Limeklin (Water)
The Royal (Power and Water)
Sealoft (power, water and Wi-Fi)
Armory and Shadwell (Water and Power)
Golf View and Buckley (Water)
Mattingly is still waiting for services to be restored
St Peters (Water)


Wednesday September 20th at 1 PM


The campus is now fully operational with electricity, water, and internet. As of 1 PM we will be opening the school for student use but will not resume classes until tomorrow. The campus will close at 6 to give students time to get home before dark. Power outages are wide spread on the Island and the country is working to restore it as quickly as possible. The government shut down the water supply prior to the Hurricane as a precautionary step and will hopefully restore it later today or tomorrow. Students have been advised to take caution traveling as there are still power lines down and debris in the road as well as the possibility of a flash flood. 


Wednesday September 20th at 9 AM

According to local reports St. Kitts is still at risk for flash floods throughout the day.  Power lines are down and road conditions are dangerous.  The campus generators are working, and we are in the process of restoring water and the internet.  As a result, we will not be having classes today.  Once the campus has been cleaned up and all services restored we may open the campus on a limited basis later today.  However, that decision will also be based on weather conditions.  We will provide another update at 12:00.  Anyone who is having major issues should reach out to either deans who are currently both on campus and having working cell phones.  Caroline Liburd is another source of contact if you’re having any issues with your home.  By tomorrow conditions should significantly improve and that classes will resume on the regular schedule.  However, today you can expect rain throughout the day with winds ranging between 10-20 mph. .   Dr. Last ( Dr. Purcell (, Caroline Liburd (  Brijette Sena ( and Nellie Alvarez are located in our NY office. They are also responding to questions and concerns from family and students.  They can be reached at 212 868 4720.  At 10 AM I spoke with Caroline Liburd and Dr. Last and we have had no major issues with students.  What we have heard is mostly issues with lack of power and water which was expected.  There has been reports of minor flooding in apartments.  We have not heard from everyone yet, but so far all are safe and sound.


Tuesday September 19th at 5 PM

As of 5 PM the National Hurricane Center projects St. Kitts is partially in the 39-58 mph band and should be completely within it very shortly. From this point forward the wind and rain will continue to subside and we can expect to see much better weather.  Once the outer band passes, which should be between 10-12 tonight, weather conditions will significantly improve.  Once again, do not go out immediately after the storm has passed.  You can expect downed power lines, localized flooding,  trees uprooted , and debris in the roadways.  We hope to assess the campus later this evening to make sure we are good for classes tomorrow.  We will post another update later this evening.  We are projecting a 10 AM start but that is dependent upon the conditions of the Island and campus.  If anyone is need in assistance, please reach out to those listed on our previous communications. Let's pray for a nice sunny day tomorrow free of storms.


Tuesday September 19th at 2 PM

As of 2 PM the eye of the Hurricane is almost past St. Kitts. For the next 2-3 hours St Kitts will remain within the band that is generating winds of 58-73 mph with higher gusts.  Heavy rain and localized flooding can be expected during this time.  After that St Kitts will be in the outer most band which is generating winds between 39-58 mph.  As the storm moves away from St. Kitts the wind and rain will continue to subside.  Once again, we advise students not to go out immediately after the storm.  There will be power lines down and possibly local flooding and debris in the street.  In the morning clean up will begin and we should see electricity and water restored over the next few days.  We hope to resume classes tomorrow at 10 AM but will make that decision after we assess the situation on campus. We hope everyone weathered this storm and is safe and secure.  This was a very powerful storm and we were spared its worst.  Unfortunately, Puerto Rico will not fare as well.  Current projections indicate that Puerto Rico will get a direct hit.  Let us all pray for everyone on Puerto Rico, and hope it changes course. 


Tuesday September 19th at 11 AM

As of 11 AM the National Hurricane Center projects that Hurricane Maria will continue to track south of St. Kitts. As a result,  the eye  will be approximately 60-70 miles away from St. Kitts at its closest point which should be in the next few hours.  Hurricane force winds currently extend out 35 miles from the eye.  We are now in the next higher band which is the 58-73 mph band with higher wind gusts.  According to the most recent projections we should not be impacted by the next band which is the higher than 73 mph band.  This is a slow moving storm and we will be impacted by it throughout the day and  evening.  St. Kitts is expected to have significant rain (12-15 inches of rain) and ocean surges.  We are urging all students to stay inside until the storm is over.  Power is now beginning to be impacted on the Island.  Cell and phone service may also be impacted shortly.  At this point, it looks like St. Kitts will be spared the worse of the storm.  Students that may encounter problems should email or call the parties listed in the previous communications.  Make sure you include your telephone number if the cell is still working.  You can also contact our security and they will relay your information to the appropriate parties. We will provide assistance once the storm is over and it's safe to venture out.  If all goes well we can expect to resume classes tomorrow at 10 AM pending an assessment of our facilities.


Tuesday September 19th at 8 AM

According to the 8 AM report from the National Hurricane Center Hurricane Maria is still heading South of St. Kitts. We should be feeling the outer bands of the hurricane for the next 2-3 hours with wind speeds in the range of 39 to 58 mph. After the next band should hit with wind strength between 58 to 78 mph. It doesn't look like the next stronger band will hit which is 78 mph plus buts it’s too early to predict. Maria is back to a category 5 hurricane with sustained winds of 160 mph. We can also expect 10 to 15 inches of rain as well as ocean surges. However the worst of the storm will be within the eye wall which hopefully will remain 60 to 70 miles to the south at its closest point to St. Kitts.


Tuesday September 19th at 2 AM

The 2 AM update from the National Hurricane Center is good news for St. Kitts. It’s still tracking south, and the hurricane is now a category 4 with maximum sustained winds of 155 MPH. Hurricane force winds are still extending out from the core by 30 miles. According to the latest track St. Kitts will be approximately 60 to 70 miles from the core. The outer bands of the storm should be impacting St. Kitts about now, and we can expect conditions to degrade from this point on. However, if the storm continues on this path we will not feel the full impact of this storm.  


Monday September 18th at 8:30 PM

Hurricane Marie is now a Category 5 Hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 160 MPH. Hurricane force winds extend outward up to 25 miles from the center and tropical storm winds extend outward up to 125 miles.  According to the most recent projections the storm is still tracking south of St. Kitts and could be as much as 60-70 miles south of St. Kitts at its closest point.  We are still monitoring the storm very closely and will continue to provide updates. We are expecting 6-12 inches of rain, storm surges, and strong winds.  Our students are prepared and have been advised to take appropriate actions to prepare for this storm.  Throughout the day tomorrow we will be posting several updates.  


Monday September 18th at 12 PM

Hurricane Marie is now a Category 3 Hurricane with maximum sustained winds at 120 MPH.  It is currently track South of St. Kitts which is very good news and we should expect to feel the impact of the storm later this evening into tomorrow.  The national hurricane center predicts that the storm will continue to strengthen over the next 24 hours.  Hurricane force winds extends out approximately 15 miles from the eye.  From the latest projections St Kitts is still in a Hurricane Warning Status but we estimate that the eye at its closest point will be approximately 50-60 miles south of St. Kitts.  We still expect heavy rain, significant wind, and some local flooding.  Classes will be suspended later this afternoon and the campus will close at 7 PM.  Classes will resume on Wednesday at 10 AM.  We will be updating this page periodically as the storm progresses. Please feel free to contact Dr. Purcell or Dr. Last today with any questions you may have.  After today you can contact Brijette Sena tomorrow for any further questions.  Dr. Last ( Dr. Purcell ( and Brijette Sena ( 











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